Affordable Xiaomi Redmi Pro Offers an OLED Display & Dual Camera Setup

Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi has just revealed the Redmi Pro, its flagship device for 2016.

Known to make affordable smartphones with top notch features, Xiaomi is a popular brand across the world, including Pakistan (however these devices are officially banned by PTA as per media reports).

Redmi series from Xiaomi is aimed at budget conscious smartphone customers who want to get “big” smartphones and top features without spending much.

The main highlight of Redmi Pro is the “Dual Camera” consisting of a 13 MP Sony IMX 258 sensor and secondary 5MP Samsung camera, which actually gives you control over depth of field or simply the bokeh effect in your pictures.


Redmi Pro comes with a brushed aluminum body and a 2.5D curved front featuring a 5.5 FHD display with OLED panel, for brighter colors and rich contrast.

On the inside, this phone is packed with Helio X25 10-Core Processor with clock speeds up to 2.5 GHz and Mali – T880 GPU. To support the high performance CPU, there is a duo of 4GB RAM and 128GB built in storage. You can also use an SD card to expand storage.

This phone packs a dual-SIM hybrid slot and does support VoLTE, along with other connectivity features such as 4G LTE, Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi 802.11ac.

The specs card also includes a finger print scanner on the front, USB Type-C port and a 4050mAh battery. There is no official word on quick charge, but it must be there. The phones also gives you control over TVs and other home appliances via IR Blaster.


On the software side, the Redmi Pro runs Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow wrapped under Xiaomi’s custom MIUI 8.

This phone will be available in three colors; Gold, Silver, Dark Grey. The price for 3GB/32GB version is $224 (Rs. 24,000), for 3GB/64GB is $255 (Rs. 27,000) and for 4GB/128GB is $300 (Rs. 32,000).

The Chinese manufacturer claims it has sold over 110 million Redmi phones around the world as of July 2016. Xiaomi might not get the green light to start sales in Pakistan anytime soon, but we can expect that in couple of couple of months Redmi Pro will be available in the Pakistan market (unofficially), but with a higher price tag.

  • Well good for them. Just so you know we cannot get import or order Xiaomi phones in Pakistan as they are not in the approved mobile vendor list. I lost 30k Rs just becuase of posts like these my Xiaomi phone is in the DHL warehouse for the past 8 months. I cannot get a refund nor DHL deliver’s me my phone as it cannot be cleared from the customs..

    Please do mention this in the post so nobody else loses their money

    • You need to get it approved by sending your CNIC, tracking number and model number of mobile phone to Type Approval Section of PTA. A consumer can import up to five mobile phone handsets per year.

      • True, however most of Xiaomi mobiles are banned. The Director Type Approval of PTA is a great and extremely honest person who won’t give NOC as long as PTA doesn’t approve the Manufacturer + Handset. However palms of lower staff in Post office and wherever these phones are held can be greased.

        • @disqus_8mwlxYscZb:disqus, can you BELIEVE this BS by PTA ?!

          banning Xiaomi handsets ?! wtf is that supposed to infer ?!

          screw the director of PTA :@ , they already SUCK at providing anything for the consumer but now all they do is BAN GOOD QUALITY HANDSETS ?!

          thats just typical pakistani mentality for you

    • Some people have reported that they managed to get their phones cleared by paying taxes and fee. Also there are some e-commerce portals selling Xiaomi phones at 150% of the original prices.

    • They are available at Xaiomipk at very reasonable price with cash on delivery don’t know how they are managing it :S

      • great .. JUST GREAT !

        now they’ll get picked up by the RATHER INCOMPETENT FEDERAL AGENCIES who can’t catch Taliban but will easily round up and detain innocent traders/businessmen offering GREAT chinese phones…

        thanks for mentioning this on the WORST POSSIBLE PLACE TO MENTION IT !

        P.S : delete this comment if you can … before a PTA a**hat sees it and tries to seize the operation !

  • Bhai koi acha phone suggest kr do xiaomi ka….. Agr yhe wala thek hai to bhi bta den… Xiaomi experts please

  • Xiaomi handsets are banned in Pakistan if imported and that information was given to me by the Director Type Approvals PTA. However a lot Pakistani students as well as government officials do bring in these phones in their luggage without hassles.

    • screw the director … who can’t do anything but babble while our neighbours in India enjoy Xiaomi , Qiku and LeECO. TYPICAL PAKISTANI MENTALITY !

  • expensive from previous redmi iterations, xiaomi 3 pro is still far better deal than this one …

    • you must be high af … looking at these specs … Samsung would probably rob you of 2 months salary if they would offer similar specs on a phones…

      this will cost ~30k PKR at max (the basic version) and will STILL be better value for money than 100% of phones sold in PAkistan !!

  • I am using Xiaomi Redmi note 3 which is an excellent phone with excellent features and I even managed to use both sims with sd card simultaneously. I have a friend in China who send me the phone and its working flawlessly.

  • @ Hussain Nizzami & Boyesa, your post is really informative regarding Xiaomi phones availability in Pakistan…
    I have purchased a redmi note 3 32Gb/3Gb/Sanpdragon650 couple of weeks ago, from 25K with silicon cover and glass protector…Phone was new and boxed pack…
    Peoples are importing and selling these phone here in Pak & in KHI, slightly overpriced, but thats fine….i confirmed the guy from which i purchased the phone, he used to lived in america, he told me that you need to acquire PTA letter to show at customs, which PTA easily provide, all these process take time and needs familiarity with the process…also custom personnel try to make their khancha, which may vary person to person…

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