Maryam Nawaz’s Hilarious Parody Account is Breaking Twitter

Most of our political personalities have Twitter accounts. That much is known. Most of those personalities are also imitated on Twitter, often in hilarious and humorous ways. That too is well known.

Maryam Nawaz Sharif, the PM’s daughter is known to lead the media management efforts of her father’s party. This also includes her official Twitter presence as well. She has used the micro-blogging platform to both great and bad effect, depending on who you may ask.

But it seems that she may have just met her match online. Her newest rival? A parody account on Twitter called @MaryamNShehzadi that is breaking Pakistani Twitter with every passing day. People regularly screenshot the account’s tweets and they get passed around for fact since it’s the internet and no one has any time to cross check things.

She regularly highlights the newest happenings in the province:

The account is a firm believer of democracy by the Twitterati, for the Twitterati:

And then there’s this:

In a brilliant twist of N-ception, the account tries to turn everything on its head:

Even a heavyweight political personality was fooled by the shenanigans of the account (or was he?):

Disclaimer: ProPakistani does not endorse such accounts. People running such accounts can be tried in courts once the Cyber Crime Bill passes (later today maybe). The Bill features stiff penalties for people found impersonating another person on social media. A person can also be tried if they use pictures of someone without their consent on social media. For more on these offenses, head here.

    • Pakistani government can’t track the user operating that account without Twitter’s help. There’s little to no chance of that happening.

      • Start checking the time of post, get logs of a few thousands active at that time if from Pakistan.. Identify users of Twitter. Com and matching time of posts.. This way governments in GCC track profiles without any twitter help.

        • That’ll be circumstantial evidence at best. Plus, all Twitter traffic is secured with SSL so while they’ll know how many users are connecting to Twitter and which URLs they’re accessing, they’ll never know the content of those URLs and if the user accessing that URL owns that account or not. So… moot point.

  • Good story. RIP for whom who ask to facebook and twitter for user account data. they only share with FBI. #RIPCCB

    • They hand over data to other governments too, but they won’t hand over data to Pakistani government in this case because this comes under freedom of speech.

        • No, I’m just well informed and not ignorant, unlike you. Google “Facebook and Twitter” handover requests. You’ll land on official pages of Facebook and Twitter detailing data request by each country. And do you have any idea how many Obama, Bush, Clinton, etc. parody accounts there are? If they don’t give a crap about those, why would they give a crap about us? He’s not breaking any laws, he’s just making harmless jokes, thus exercising his right of free speech. If they do handover data in this case, they’ll be making an international s#!%show of the case.

        • At best, Twitter will force this user to add “Parody account” in its bio and/or username. Because that has happened before. But one thing they’ll not do, is set a dangerous precedent just because some immature politician got his/her feelings hurt by some joke tweets. A person that sensitive and childish shouldn’t be in politics anyway.

  • There is a fake account of IK, there is a fake account of Reham and you end up posting a blog about only this fake account way to go ProPak or Pro—

  • Who wrote this? PTI Social Media Team?

    Who is propk staff.

    Its really unethical to promote such accounts.

    If you are against PMLN you must use some proper forum.


  • As expected from youthias supported vaqar uncle website.
    This account is very new on twitter.
    There are plenty of parody accounts breaking twitter from months.
    A youthia will post about those?? oh no because a youthia will remain a youthia.

  • Ye us account ki advertisement ho rahi he pehle muje nahi pata tha ab i m going to follow that account,

  • Rather than pretending to be the person himself/herself, there should be parody accounts. Like @Queen_UK and @NasirJamshed_

    Humor is good, deception isn’t.

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