FIR Registered for Posting Defaming Content on Facebook

FIA’s Cyber Crime Wing registered a case against at least three individuals for posting content against Honorable Judges of supreme judiciary.

Case was registered under Electronic Transaction Ordinance 2002.

According to an FIR, a copy of which is available with ProPakistani, a petition was heard by Supreme Court of Pakistan — relating to the kidnapping of Mr. Ovais Ali Shah — which established that a vilification campaign against Supreme Judiciary had been started on Social Media.

FIA’s Cyber Crime Wing, upon inquiry on the case, found that at least three Facebook Pages were maligning the judges. These pages included:


One of above mentioned pages is run with the name of Dr. Shahid Masood, an anchorperson of ARY TV.

FIR said that these pages uploaded material containing objectionable and disgraceful content and subsequently posted objectionable remarks to the general public to humiliate, defame and disrespect to honorable judges of Supreme Judiciary.

FIA has nominated three individuals — through tracking of IP addresses — as suspects behind these Facebook pages.

FIA said that it could arrest others involved in the case pending an inquiry.

ARY TV has said that it is fearing that Dr. Shahid Masood will also be arrested for investigation. ARY said that Dr. Shahid has repeatedly disassociated himself from the Facebook page and said that he has nothing to do with the page in question.

However, the TV channel said that since government is currently after Dr. Shahid Masood, it is likely that he may get arrested based on the FIR.

Dr. Shahid Masood’s TV show has already been banned for 45 days by PEMRA.

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    • Oh dear. Thats nothing. They are called “my lord”. And, none of them bothered to ban that. I hope they dont hang people for vilifying judiciary.
      Amazingly, no case against TTP for cyber crimes. That should have been the very first case of the new law. Talks a lot about our priorities.

      • It’s not like they really need to use a newly-drafted bill as an excuse to go after a banned terrorist faction. There’s already plenty to reason to wipe those scums of the face of earth.

  • This is disgraceful. Can somebody tell me proper procedure for accountability of judiciary?

  • I doubt that Facebook will share IP address of a user with anyone e.g. FIA.
    And unless Facebook shares it, FIA has no way to determine the IP address of a facebook user.

    • Actaully, they can. If you are skilled enough as a hacker, you can extract an IP from almost anything, given that it’s not encrypted. Everything you do on the net has an IP attached to it, like your signature. Dig deep enough and you can read the signature, and then associate it to a device. REALLY easy to do on FB. Security on FB is a joke.

      • Such persons, who can fetch IP using Facebook, are rare species and i personally know the tricks BUT we are talking about common man and Pakistani police department and FIA. Why would Facebook organization share ip addresses of a user at a certain point in time with FIA and Pakistani police. are you crazy.

      • Let me tell one method of “extracting” IP. Hacker (with huge belly and ugly face but pretending to be a pretty girl) sends you a message on FB with a link and ask you to open it. If by chance you fall into the trap and open the link your IP will be recorded. Now if you are not using VPN, it’s easy to reach you.

  • whats the process to report an issue of fake profile at social media against this law?

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