Pakistan Railways In Danger of Losing Its Domain Name Forever

Pakistan Railway has forgotten to renew its domain name on time, we have checked.

Domain name, was due for renewal on August 24th, 2016 but the team that manages the task probably forgot to do that.

While the domain name expired, the URL is now redirecting the users to a third-party placeholder. The original content of Pakistan Railway has vanished and will not come back until someone from Pakistan Railways renews the domain name.

It won’t be out of place to mention that Domain registrars keep domain names locked for one month even after expiry, until these names are put up on sale again. Which means that Pakistan Railway will have to renew its domain name in the next few days if it doesn’t want to lose an 8 year old domain altogether.

It must be noted here that a domain renewal costs just around Rs. 1,000.


Screen-grab of 

Not to mention, Pakistan Railway spent millions to setup its online ticketing service through which anyone could buy railway tickets from the website.

However, the department failed to renew its domain, and this means all the hard work it did on the website is at risk of going down the flush.

It is saddening to see such state of affairs when Pakistani businesses and government departments give no importance to their online properties, services that we should mention, are making millions in other foreign countries.

With increasing number of internet users in the country, there is a dire demand to streamline online properties so that they may act as the major channel for sales, support and information for public but apparently, the state’s priorities lie elsewhere.


We are told that Pakistan Railway has gotten a new domain name:

And this is probably why they let this old domain name (PakRail.Com) go away on purpose.

Will someone please tell Pakistan Railway, that you don’t let your old domain names go away like this, instead you keep them and forward old domain name to any new domain name.

Primary reason is that a lot of people will still go to when they will search Pakistan Railway on Google.

Additionally, not many would know of new domain name of Pakistan Railway as they type domain names directly, instead of searching it on Google or other search engines.

Update 2:

Pakistan Railway has now renewed its domain as well. We suggest them to 301 redirect it to their main site, to make sure that no user is missed and also to retain the search engine juice.

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • “Not to mention, Pakistan Railway spent millions to setup its online ticketing service through which anyone could buy railway tickets from the website.”

    Please explain from where and how we can buy tickets online? The link is redirecting to another old propak article where we surely can’t buy tickets. So elaborate this statement sir.

  • Tum jaise log bhi wahan jakar aisi hi harkatien karien ge. Kharboza kharbozay ko dekh k rang pakarta hai bhai.

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    چیک کریں ویب سائٹ کام کر رہی ہے

  • I have tried e-booking on new website, you can’t book without verifying your email address and email verification is not working, hence booking is not working.

  • ProPakistani will never tell you that Pakistan Railway is the first Railway in the World which is giving Online Seat Selection facility to the passengers. It will only promote negative news which are against the Pakistan Railway.

    • LOL that never works, i tried it hundreds of times and never succeeded in booking a ticket.

      • E-Ticket is available from Lahore to Rawalpindi Section, I have already booked. Its working fine.

  • LOL looks like their employees are on work after reading your post. Maybe they read my comment as well and redirect their website from non www to www as well. Bunch of morons.

  • Wait, Pakistan has railway?

    Seriously though, since I came back from Tokyo, I feel like crying every time I see the condition of railway, and transport system in general in Pakistan.

    • We should appreciate the positive things.I visit Pakistan Railways it was good experience.the staff was very coperative.All the work is done on time

  • ??? love you propakistani for update1 and 2. And mentioning it’s importance to old school railway people. I appreciate alot

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