Is This Hospital in Lahore the Most Expensive Ever in Pakistan?

Pakistan, a third world country, has seen its fair share of poverty in recent times. These testing times have not only affected the lower class but also the upper middle class in the country.

However, every now or then we see extravagance on an different scale altogether. The recently unveiled floor of National Hospital in Lahore being a prime example.

A Hospital Floor Designed for the Elite

With unequal incomes at a record high, instead of facilitating the financially unstable population, National Hospital has seen inauguration of a floor exclusively for the elite class.


The hospital authorities however, think differently.

According to Dr. Shahida A Khawaja, Chief Executive at National Hospital, the newly designed floor is a great prospect to promote luxurious healthcare, attracting medical tourism in the country where global standard treatment can be given to the patients.


“As we globalize ourselves and set our targets to achieve high standards, it’s important to have such a facility in your own country. We believe there will be less inclination to go abroad to get extremely expensive treatment with this initiative”, said Dr. Khawaja.


The hospital will provide on window facility to the executive members residing on the floor.

Patients will be checked in a separate rooms where their necessary tests will be conducted as they enjoy the lavish facilities provided to them.

Speaking about the financial aspect of things, Shahida Khawaja said:

“As far as hospital paramedics, nursing, doctors, and diagnostic investigations are concerned, there will be no additional charges for patients admitted on the executive floor, there will be a nominal increase (10%) for which they have to pay for enhanced facility.”

An interior designer, Naila Ishtaque, was specifically hired to give the rooms in the executive floor a homely touch whilst maintaining the class to match those which are abroad.


A survey conducted in 2009 revealed that there are 127,859 doctors and 12,804 health facilities in Pakistan, catering for over 160 million people.

Though the recent initiative taken by the National Hospital Lahore is intended for attracting valuable foreign exchange via medical tourism, it is hard to discount the fact that basic medical care for all in Pakistan needs a lot more attention and fast.





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    • no helpless patients will go there, only rich and who can afford only they go in that hospital, so not feel pity for them.

      • Yeh kia beshaak Itafaaq k sonay (sariye) ki hospital bana dou phir bhi Mian Ji ne nazla, khansi, zukaam k ilaj k liye London hi jana hai.

    • ???

      People who can pay extra can get extra services. Simple as that. Or do you believe everyone with a car should be forced to drive a Khyber with no A/C?

      Didn’t you read the main point?

      We believe there will be less inclination to go abroad to get extremely expensive treatment with this initiative

      That is a good thing, saving foreign exchange etc.

      • Nice beds, yeah. But what about the doctors who remember knives after zipping up bellies?
        If you want to save foreign exchange, focus on stellar doctors instead.

        • If you want stellar doctors, you pay extra for that, too. Where will you find stellar surgeons? Corner hospital or something like National Hospital? Probability says latter…

          • Dude, relax. Try to understand my point before your regular-sized negation.

            Paying top dollar in Pakistan doesn’t guarantee a stellar doctor who won’t fuck up your kid’s already damaged heart surgery.

      • People who go abroad dont get drawing room sofas or such over-the-top decor.. they go abroad for the treatment. How will this decor help if the treatment is going to be third class in any case?

      • Really foreign exchange,How much ?
        Because most of them already have their assets and property in other countries.
        & It does not matter how much we try to improve , they don’t want treatment here.
        I have alot to say but simple is that.

        • There is a vast group of people who are rich enough to pay for better services & do not have property outside the country. I know of a relative who paid for Rs 1,80,000 at National Hospital two years ago for full operation + consultant visits + best available room

          And they have 100% of their income & wealth from Pakistan

          Short operation but there was high risk of death involved.

          • Yes.I admit there may be.
            But as you said it will save foreign exchange.It may be but not upto that scale.

      • Instead of providing these luxurious facilities they should spend to improve basic facilities so that they can be reachable by “Aam Aadmi”. In our country many of people cannot afford hospitalization due to high fee and charges imposed by hospitals.

        • I know its harsh but its truth too… This is for rich and poor or middle class people (like myself) go to Govt. hospitals…

          We deserve this because we don’t like to adopt/accept change… We don’t ask for our rights. We don’t ask our elected leaders (So-called) what they have done and what they did not? list goes on……

          I would blame this or any other business person only if he/she cheat someone… What he/she do with his/her money, that’s none of anyone’s business… That guy is answerable to Allah for what he do with his money… We need to look at us and act on the basis of our power.

    • This is for those who are real rich. I mean REAL RICH. Millionaires/billionaires.. so no issues…

  • Unbelievably stupid. All that fabric will house infectious goodies. There’s a reason hospitals are spartan.

  • It was 2010 when my father got admitted in this hospital. You guys wont believe that what the staff did to my father just to earn the money. It really gave us a real shock.

  • National Hospital ! where butchers are hired instead of Doctors. No matter how beautiful their rooms are their services are extremely pathetic. Staff is rude including doctors. 1 out of 5 doctor is reasonable rest are just making money. I had a very bad experience twice. Well Qualified doctors having foreign exposure behave like a typical desirous of wealth.I paid hefty amount to consult a doctor once, before i finish my problem he called his assistant to send another patient. I was still there in front of doctor and the next patient was next to me

    All that Glitters are not Gold :-(

  • A good initiative to promote medical tourism. This is not for the poor or middle class such as me

  • Pagal ban hai. One should feel near to Allah SWT and leave all the luxuries when in hospital. Only basic room with medical equipment should be considered. This is total nonsense. I went to doctors hospital pvt room they are very minimal setup inside room. They had only bed, white floor and sofas and that is sufficient. To get well one need good medical equipment. minimal arrangements and natural light and air. Not expensive sofas, curtains and interior.

  • Do these hospital executives really believe that people who decide to go abroad for treatment go there for designers beds and furniture. I think they do it because of quality of care so it would be nice to start auditing prescriptions being written by these doctors, rate of infections in these hospitals and quality of food not the variety of food bring provided. If we can control the madness being shown by healthcare providers we will be able to attract the affording patients from within the country and abroad

  • These rooms are going to be death beds for patients. Infection control is of primal value in hospitals. And with all such furniture and wall decor stuff and curtains n fancy pillows thr will be pathogens in every inch of these rooms, thr is no way they can disinfect such stuff.

  • I don’t say that they have done any thing wrong.
    As these are business strategies and everyone is doing this(& by everyone I mean everyone).So,it’s not any thing that we have not seen.(as schools,colleges,universities,pharmacies. . .. there is a loooonggggg list all are here for business;they don’t care about students, their future, patients,their lives & many of you know about all other stuff )
    Now its to Hospital.
    But atleast the decorum should look like hospital , I don’t know with what intention they have created this; as said Hospital.
    At least it should look like a hospital(man what the heck), should it look like some luxurious suite.
    With all these adornments, It’s not a place where someone is planning to spend their weekend or vacations.
    If you really want to help people, Provide QUALITY.(we know what is happening in most of the hospitals)
    Improve service , medical & paramedical staff , proper training to nurses , management & most importantly Earn the satisfaction and Trust of your patient (I think may be it doesn’t have any beneficial effect but even has some psychological effect)

  • Healthcare Tourism can be enhanced by providing high class medical services, not by putting luxurious furniture. Good idea bad execution.

  • When government dont do their duty then services which suppose to be public becomes private, raising the cost and excluding general public from it. From security, health, education, housing etc etc…

    Shame on this capitalist secular democratic government of Pakistan whose rulers goto London for illaj but awaam die at the hands of failed health system.

  • Quality health care comes from highly skilled doctors which pakistan extemely lacks in most aspects and not by lavish furniture in this case. It will hardly attract any foriegn income rather just serve the ruling elite.

    • Doctors and nurses need to be told .They are hired to take care of the patients . Not to sleep while on duty , especially in ICU .

  • close