Ahsan Iqbal Sb will Launch 5G in Pakistan Soon!

Minister for Planning, Development and Reforms Ahsan Iqbal Thursday said the government was planning to launch 5th generation (5G) cellular services soon to ensure the fastest connectivity.

But according to industry experts, it is very tough job to launch 5G services before 2020, a proposed timeline given by The Next Generation Mobile Networks Alliance for the commercial launch of 5G globally.

Another hurdle is that 5G isn’t even approved as of yet and hasn’t been launched anywhere in the world.

The Minister was further quoted as saying, “The people who already have access to 3G and 4G technology, would be able to benefit from the next advanced mobile network technology after the launch of 5G in near future”.

He was addressing ‘Pakistan StartUp Cup’ competition for youngo entrepreneurs jointly organized by the United States Embassy and the Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) Islamabad.

Let’s see if govt can succeed to introduce 5G in Pakistan before next elections — due in 2018 or even before 2023 elections — at least.

Update: Ahsan Iqbal Clarifies His Statement on 5G Launch

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        • Is Bayan se aik purani yaad taza hogai “3 mahiney main agar load-shedding khatam na ki tou mera naam shahbaz shareef nahi”.

        • Are you in your senses? I generally like reading your posts, and I AM Pro-PTI and anti-Nawaz League. Trust me, I hate Turkey more than you can imagine, and recently on the day of attempted coup, I was travelling from London to Islamabad via Istanbul and was stuck for a whole 24 hours in the Turkish Airport. I hate PML-N and agree with your posts, but mate.. Turkey launched 3G 2 years after Pakistan?????? I used 3G in Turkey in 2010. I remember as we went on a cruise to Turkey, and saw the Grand Mosque etc and other stuff. 3G has been in Turkey since AT LEAST 4 years BEFORE PAKISTAN! …If not more. It could be 5. But I used it with Vodaphone myself during June/July 2010.

            • Brother aap ki soch ko 30 topon ki salami. Stats kisi k bhi galat ho saktay hyn. Mere b ghalat thay. After a bit more research I agreed and appologised. Magar aap ki itni choti soch hai k har jagah religion aur maslak ko beach myn le aatay hyn. Stop judging people, on the basis of religion and muslaq and Grow ?

        • PMLN Ki dushmani mai ab Turkey ky pechay parh gaye? Jo Imran ky sath wo choor tucha ho to bhe doodh ka dhula aur khilaf ho tou kafir

        • Bhai turkey m 3g 2008 se hai or ab yhan 4.5g hai. Jis ki abi speed 80mbps hai and I am using it. Jhut Kam bol kr sir gee

      • Zong ? puri duniya mein ? yaar chutyapay ki bhi koi had hoti hai ……….. i m telecom engineer and planned zong’s 2G, 3G and 4G …….. no way their sites are supported …… and how come they are available in whole world ?

  • Let people understand and install 3G and 4G then innovate 5G.

    If 5G Launched All networks will be puzzled in providing services

  • Better first increase coverage and maintain the 3G & 4G and then later when 5G phones are too much common so then launch it then why do you people are doing silly things like this just before it’s time???
    Also make the 3G & 4G Cheap so that everyone can use it perfectly and well..!

  • They can give any statement to overcome all problems in country and progress to launch not only 5G but also 6G in next month.

    • Hahahaha,waiting for that day when Pakistan will be officially given to China and then they will say its part of CPEC.

  • ہاہاہا پہلے یار تھری جی اور 4 جی تو سہی کر لو ۔ تم لوگوں سے بڑے شہروں میں ہی کوریج نہیں ہو رہی اور چلے ہیں 5 جی کی طرف

  • Ahsan Iqbal sahab, immediately sack your chars provider please. He is providing you sasti chars

  • 5G ka tu pata nahin laikin G5 mobile zaroor launch karen ge dobara. kuch saal pehle bhi yeh G3 aur G4 launch karte rahe hain.

  • yahan 3G or 4G ki mukammal coverage hui nahi, na acchi speed or na acchay rates, or ye baat ker rahay hain 5G ki…

  • Salam Friends, i need sincere advice regarding which device should i purchase as far as coverage and signal quality is concerned, if i have to use in Lahore Defence area. Should i go for PTCL CHARGI or Zong 4g mbb?
    Besides I’ve also read comments on different forums where consumer says that they get speed for 3 to 4 days for Zong and then downloading speed declines.. Plus some complain that their 50Gb package ends in 15 to 20 days even though they have not consumed their traffic fully… well that’s kinda weird hehe but need comments on this issue….
    Waiting for prompt reply…. Thanks :)

  • All the commenters knew the importance of 5G like they are praising 4g and 3g now. Any new thing going to happen these PTI mentally retards start finding mistakes and drawbacks in it. If they will be running gov will end up doing nothing new due to some 10% bad aspects about that and missing those 90% good points. Thats how they are mentally fed by 80% IK, 1% media and 10% facebook pages; those pages are always 90% filled with bads of Nawaz sharif and pmln. They are always comparing two irrelevant things and get happy they knew much. Alas.

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