Google Maps in Lahore Now Display Ride Hailing Options

Google has enabled a special tab for “Ride Hailing Services” in Google Maps when you search for a particular route with-in Lahore, we have checked.

This feature was available in various markets, world over, but it was enabled for Lahore city just today, ProPakistani readers have confirmed.

So primarily when you search for a route on “Google Maps” app for smartphones, along side other options the app will show you an additional tab that will serve you with various ride hailing options available at your location.

Currently, since Uber and Google are global partners, only Uber is shown as a ride-hailing option that users in Lahore can opt for.


Ride Hailing Tab will show you estimated time and fares for all available services available with-in your search area.

It must be noted that clicking on Uber in Google Maps take you to Uber app and that’s where you need to book the ride.

While other ride-hailing apps have integrated with Google Maps in other markets, we are anticipating that more ride hailing apps from Pakistan will be soon added by Google Maps as well.

This feature is currently not available for Karachi as of yet.

Thanks Shahryar for the tip.

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  • …….was enabled for Lahore city just today..???
    Miaan sahab I was this option like last week while visiting Lahore, So..

  • …….was enabled for Lahore city just today..???
    Miaan sahab I uesd this option like last week on my visit to Lahore, So..

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