Careem Reduces Prices by 30% for Karachi

Considering the added competition, growing market and service expansions, price adjustments for car-hailing services are now going to be a regular affair.

For today, it’s Careem. They have reduced their charges by 30% for Economy cars and Go Class in Karachi.

Price reduction for Economy Class applies to base fare, minimum fare and per KM charges. For Go Class, however, only minimum Fare and per KM fare have been reduced.

Now with Careem Go Class, you can travel for Rs. 11 per KM with a base fare of Rs. 100 only. For Economy class, on the other hand, you can travel for Rs. 15 per KM with a base fare of Rs. 150.

Below are more details on updated Careem Rates for Karachi:



It maybe recalled that Careem offers three classes in Karachi, namely business, economy and Go.

Go cars are under 1000cc cars and as you would imagine come with less luxury than the Economy and Business cars.

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    • GO cars include: Toyota Corolla, Honda City, Civic or comparable locally Japanese imported Sedan cars 2000-2006 registered model, Locally assembled hatchback cars (800-1000cc) 2001-2010, and Japanese imported hatchback cars 2001-2010 registered.

  • Brother Attaa, Your understanding about Base Fare and Minimum charges is incorrect. Base Fare means that the meter will start from that value. Like if you travel 3 km in Economy class, your bill will be 125 + (15×3) = 170. But Minimum charges of Economy are 175, so you have to pay 175, not 170. You will always pay the higher of the two values.

  • book careem got message with driver number ,, calling for 15 minutes , but no response and continuously ending call,

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