Mobilink Launches New High-Usage Packages with Jazz Gold

Mobilink today announced the launch of Jazz Gold, a high-end, high-usage segment for both pre-paid and postpaid users.

From the looks, it appears that Jazz Gold comes with exclusive packages, premium helpline, special services and more for customers with high usage on both prepaid and postpaid plans.

Jazz Gold comes with exclusive offers, specially tailored for those with high-usage for voice, SMS and mobile internet.

Here are some of the key features of Jazz Gold:

  • Special data plans and offerings for voice, SMS and mobile internet
  • Dedicated free helpline (by dialing 777)
  • Get to choose special packages, offerings and deals by dialing *7777#
  • Time efficient and convenient postpaid sim activation process with the option of choosing a number of own choice
  • Device Financing services
  • Subscribe to e-billing service by simply sending an SMS to 7091. Here you will be offered a range of options as per your convenience. Save upto Rs. 600 by registering to e-billing service.
  • Re-activate your postpaid number yourself if it gets blocked due to non-payment.
  • And more.

Jazz Gold for Prepaid

Below are special voice, Internet and SMS bundles for Jazz Gold customers:

  • Jazz Gold Monthly Offer
    • Monthly Charges: Rs. 590 (including taxes)
    • Validity: 30 Days
    • 1800 on-net minutes
    • 180 off-net minutes
    • 1800 MBs of mobile internet
    • 1800 SMS
    • Subscription:  *707#
    • Un-Subscription: *707*4#
    • Status String: *707*2#
    • Can be availed with all Jazz prepaid packages
  • Jazz Gold Monthly Internet
    • Volume: 6GB
    • Validity: 30 Days
    • Charges: Rs. 500 (including taxes)
    • Subscription Code: *117*30#
    • Free Status Code: *117*30*2#

Jazz Gold for Postpaid

Jazz Gold for Postpaid comes with following plans:

  • J300
    • 1,000 on-net minutes
    • 150 off-net minutes
    • 500MBs of Mobile internet
    • 150 SMS for all networks
    • F&F Call Rates:  Rs. 0.75 /min
    • Local Call Rates:  Rs. 1.50 /min
    • Local SMS Rates:  Rs. 0.75 / SMS
    • Monthly Line Rent: Rs. 300 (excluding taxes)
  • J600
    • 2,000 on-net minutes
    • 300 off-net minutes
    • 1GB of Mobile internet
    • 300 SMS for all networks
    • F&F Call Rates:  Rs. 0.75 /min
    • Local Call Rates:  Rs. 1.50 /min
    • Local SMS Rates:  Rs. 0.75 / SMS
    • Monthly Line Rent: Rs. 600 (excluding taxes)
  • J999
    • 5,000 on-net minutes
    • 500 off-net minutes
    • 2GBs of Mobile internet
    • 1,000 SMS for all networks
    • F&F Call Rates:  Rs. 0.75 /min
    • Local Call Rates:  Rs. 1.50 /min
    • Local SMS Rates:  Rs. 0.75 / SMS
    • Monthly Line Rent: Rs. 999 (excluding taxes)

In addition to these base packages, you can subscribe to additional bundles as detailed below:

J All Network Postpaid Bundles:


J On-Network Postpaid Bundles


J SMS Bundles for Postpaid


J Data Bundles for Postpaid


Clearly there are massive on-net calling minutes available for both prepaid and postpaid packages. These on-net offerings, when Warid users will be added to Mobilink’s network in few months’ time, is definitely going to become handy for over 50 million customers.

You can call helpline to get more info on Jazz Gold packages.

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  • So much number of onnnet minutes being offered and still Warid and Mobilink calls are not being considered onnet so what is the use than

    • Mobilink calls are considered as On net but not Warid. In few months warid number will be considered as On net as well.

  • Mobilink pe internet chaley ga tou hi log chalyien ge na. Mobilink aur ufone pe internet chalana mushkil hi nahi namumkin hai.

    • You may be right. Postpaid are gradually becoming a niche with those all-in-one packages grabbing more and more attention. Postpaid packages in Pakistan are a mess with them being almost impossible to track (usage, taxes etc.). Earlier people opted for postpaid for easy (like monthly payments instead of daily) I was postpaid user myself but found it all very complicated. Not to mention those 3-4 types of additional taxes and charges they put on all plans. Postpays offer little value IMO. I’m hoping these companies pay a little more attention on the off-net minutes as they are almost non – existent in these offerings but its a good start.

  • I need a mathematican to figure out which one is better after having lived abroad for 3 years.
    In foreign countries the plans are so simple to understand and choose subsequently

    • Exactly my point. I’ve lived in the U.K. I never saw any such taxes or caps or those (*) signs with postpay or top-up ones. I was with O2. Here, 2 types of taxes apply on everything you do on your phone, be it a call or text or internet. There’s a fine-print for everything! Every plan has a sub-plan and every tax has its own finer print lol moreover companies here tend to target every segment – infants, adults, elders, kids, house-wives, working ladies, bachelors, married, divorced lol
      Someone above me commented – Mahana plan is good , I was like What?!? weekly monthly mahana hafawar , daily , whatttt? LOL

  • Too weak indoor signals in E-11. I am already a gold customer; registered complaint twice but no result except lollypop. I am planning to switch to Telenor.

    • I am agree. M.Abdullah ….and the best thing is free mins to all network and remaining balance mins forwarded to next month… sms and mb internet are enough …comparing warid 750 rs…
      mb internet only 64

  • Have you noticed ?

    ” Rs.25 + tax per month is the SMS line rent charge ”

    Who charges SMS Line rent ? and why they didn’t Mentioned in the main Line rent ?

    Hidden Charges ?

  • Their systems are faulty, in one month they over charge me 7 time.
    All the time in a fluke they deduct all your balance. And IFF you are lucky and can talk and also an IT exert then you can register complaint in time before bundle expire and still call disconnects and CRO’s unable to grasp your complaint, then you shout explain every thing, they promise a call back, which never came… and then bundle expires and they don’t recognize your complaint and they literally EAT all your balance… And also made you psychopath… You take loans, made Helpline calls again and again… you repeat the story again and again, they repeat “we arrange a call back from Shift in charge”, and making FUN of you if you are lucky once you might get back some of your balance… But that balance also wasted in making Helpline calls.. And all your precious time too…

  • This happen to me7 times in a month, out of which 3 time I got lucky to get partial balance recovery after getting annoyed beyond limits… Since then I make promise to my self I never gonna use Mobilink again… Although it’s my first number I got in old days… But NO more Mobilink ever… And also annoyed by their ads which violating my cultural norms… They are promoting vulgarity in our culture… By using our money…. So in short say NO to MOBILINK…

  • Telenor gives 2500 MB for Rs. 125 for a week, 75 All network balance and 150 on-net minutes. That is Rs. 625 me 10GB for a month. :D with 600 free on-net and 300 all network balance :D package code *345*88#

    • WARID gives 3500 MB for Rs. 125 for a week, 70 All network balance and 100 on-net minutes.
      Warid LIFE ka Network

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