Samsung Launches Galaxy Note 7 Safety Verification Website

Samsung has been criticized over many things in the Note 7 fiasco, not least of which is the ambiguity regarding the recall. As a result, there are still a bunch of places selling the potentially dangerous product but at least there are now ways to know for sure whether the product is safe to use or not.

The company has launched a new site which uses the smartphone’s IMEI number to check whether your phone is safe. The number can be found either on your phone’s box or by dialing *#06# in your phone’s dialer. You can verify the Note 7’s safety by following this link.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Green Battery Icon

Bar that, there are also signs to look out for in a replaced Note 7. The original white battery bar at the top has been replaced with a green one in the phone’s status bar, power-off prompt and always-on display.

Samsung Galaxy note 7 verification box black

The package of the phone also features a blue, circular “S” logo while there’s a black box near the barcode, also on the box. However, all of these symbols are all too easy to fabricate and insert, which is why the need for such a system was felt.

Samsung has been trying to ameliorate the situation by offering solutions but right now, nothing is seemingly hitting the nail on the head in this case. With two more phones exploding over the weekend in China, the only market not affected by the recall, the incident might still have some firepower left.

Image Source: TechnoBuffalo, Samsung

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