Mobilink to Warid Calls are Now On-Net

After successful completion of Mobilink-Warid merger, both the companies are currently in process of integrating their departments and other operations, and this is exactly why Warid’s network now has 3G coverage while Mobilink is soon going to offer 4G services on its network.

As part of on-going integration, Mobilink has started to call “Mobilink to Warid” calls as “on-net” for select calling plans.

Currently Mobilink to Warid calls are offered as on-net calls for selected prepaid and postpaid plans, however, one can expect that this feature will soon be available for all Jazz packages.




Thanks Zafar Abbas Naqvi and Afzaal for screen-grabs

As we have told you before, the entire integration may take some six to nine months from today and after its done all Mobilink and Warid customers will come under one company / brand with singular calling tariffs and on-net calls for all Mobilink to Warid or Warid to Mobilink numbers.

Yes, customers will retain their current SIM numbers but they will become part of one bigger brand.

This essentially means that one single company will have more than 50 million customers, under one umbrella with widest possible on-net call options for customers.

Note: These Mobilink to Warid on-net calls are available for above shown prepaid and postpaid packages only. We will inform you if and when there’s anything similar offered for packages as well.

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  • Atif Sarwar Malik

    Dear Amir there are on some prepaid packages as well which are offering mobilink to warid and warod to mobilink as on net. I posted these pacakges in comments of some other post on propakistani yesterday.

    • Leo

      Can you post these packages now on this post

      • aamir7

        I have updated the post.

        • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

          Aamir bhai I asked you about Technology neutrality of NGMS licenses few days back and you said you will tell after checking. Did you confirmed??

          • aamir7

            Yes, they are technology neutral.

            • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

              Bundle of thanks for the confirmation. This means Telenor can use 5 MHz 2100 MHz LTE band 1 with 5 MHz of 850 MHz band 5 for carrier aggregation by just sparing 5 MHz of 850 MHz 3G in future.

              • aamir7

                Yes, in fact Telenor has been reshuffling the spectrum for its needs.

                • Ali

                  R U SURE? So this means Ufone can offer 4G on its 5Mhz 2100Mhz band also

                  • aamir7

                    If they dare to, yes. Practically impossible.

                  • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

                    Dear, Ufone only has 5 MHz of 2100 MHz spectrum and it can be used either for 4G or 3G. And Ufone already using it for 3G, and they have to sacrifice 3G if they think to use it for 4G. So practically impossible.

        • Faizan FaiZee

          amir bahi please update my name is screen grab. Because i make this.. you can check my fb post date of 20 oct, 12:00am.. Thank u

      • Zafar Abbas Rizvi
        • Faizan FaiZee

          I make it after receiving the official email from my cs department.

  • Hamza

    I just called Warid’s Customer Support and they are denying that the 3G services are available to Warid Customers. Please verify again.

    • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

      They are testing not available yet. Read the highlighted article above. Coverage is available at some places but not everyone can connect right now.

    • Adeel Ahmad

      It will be available on new year 2017 January

    • Yes, it is annoying. The coverage is there but it is locked. I have my phone in auto mode and it consistently goes to ‘Warid 3G’ where there is no data, calls, or SMS. Plus my phone doesn’t have an option for 2G/4G. So guess, I am stuck with this until they open the 3G services.

      • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

        Try using *#*#4636#*#* for selecting either network of 2G/3G/4G if it work on your phone.

  • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

    Congratulations to Mobilink and Warid users.

  • Ansari Daniyal

    Also now these postpaid and prepaid packages are available for Warid users too for subscription.

  • Muhammad Fazal

    is anyone able to use warid 3g for now?

    • Aon Bilal

      Just Few days Wait

    • Adeel Ahmad

      Not few days. Until January 2k17

  • Muhammad Faheem

    Postpaid packages offer a great deal now on seeing these modified ones…

  • Aon Bilal

    Maine Ajj Hi Warid Postpaid J600 Activate Karwaya 2000 Warid, Mobilink Mintus, 300 other Network 1Gb 4G Data
    Warid Prepaid Jazz Gold, Jazz Weakly 700 Jazz Day Packegs Also Working
    Warid 3G Network Available But Service Not Available

    • Muhammad Faheem

      J600 mn taxes k sath bill kitna Bn jaega aon bhai

      • Aon Bilal


    • Ansari Daniyal

      I also wanted to switch to J Postpaid but they are not offering double bundle with these packages. If they could allow double bundle than it would be a real treat.

    • Umar Awan

      Salam. I also wanted to convert my warid postpaid to j600 but they are saying u have to wait for next billing date and can’t change package during billing date .

      • Aon Bilal

        بھائی پوسٹ پیڈ کا یہی طریقہ کار ہے بلنگ ڈیٹ پر ہی پیکج تبدیل ہوتا ہے آپ پیکج کی تبدیلی کی درخواست دیں بل کی تاریخ سے آپ کا پیکج تبدیل ہو جائے گا ہماری بل کی تاریخ 22 ہے اور J600 نومبر کی 23 تاریخ سے شروع ہو گا

        • Umar Awan

          Okk. G bilkul sahi keh rhe hn . Mjhe idea ha ye billing date wala. Par apne kaha mne change karaya to mjhe doubt hua k apka foran kese change ho gya . Wase mobilink mn billing date wala masla nhn . Doran bill date kisi bhi package mn ja sakte hn

  • Zaim

    My mobile used to display WARID — WaridTel and now it shows just WARID.

  • Naveed

    Now thats Amazing … Just waiting for Mobilink 4G now ;)

  • M3RCY
  • یملا کملا

    وارد والے کب وارد سے جاز آن نیٹ کالز کی آفر دیں گے؟

    • Umar Awan

      Warid ne warid se jazz onnet offer de di ha . Jazz ka weekly package *700# ab warid pe bhi kam karta ha aur usme jazz aur warid dono onnet hn

  • Faizan FaiZee

    The poster its my creation… Faizan from warid franchise Tando Adam.

  • Aamir Ijaz

    What about balance share?

    • Ummad

      Soon warid scratch card will be loaded on jazz and jazz card on warid

  • Adnan

    Bhai koi bataye ga k ufone ko kia hogya hai koi new offer nahi koi ad nahi kuch offers bhi discontinue kar di bilkul khamosh hogaye ufone walay

  • Rao Zahid Nisar
    • Rao Zahid Nisar

      Dear Amir. Watch the screenshot. Warid has also changed package plans.

      • Rao Zahid Nisar

        Warid has removed all previous Postpaid packages from its website.

    • Umar Farooq

      it is not exactly same, unlimited is 1000 for all packages in warid, but it is different for all 3 packages for mobilink.