Height of Stupidity: Local Channel Says Donald Trump Was Born in Pakistan

Every now and then the Pakistani media runs things which leave us completely baffled; whether they are awkward politics-related stories with Bollywood songs playing in the background or absurd content which just does not qualify as news.

Recently, Neo News reported that Donald Trump was originally born in Pakistan. They also reported that his name is Dawood Ibrahim and not Donald Trump. All of this was based on some satiric comments by a few people on social media.

According to their report, that cites some posts on social media, he was adopted by the Trump family and was taken abroad after that.

A random picture of a kid with blonde hair was shown on the television which was supposedly Donald Trump’s childhood picture.

While we understand that this report was based on people contributing to a ridiculous joke, we think such nonsense shouldn’t make it to national TV.

Social media is a jungle basically and you shouldn’t run things and only take Facebook or Twitter as a source because then absurd stuff like this makes it to national television.

Plus you never know there might be some people who don’t get that it’s a joke and actually end up believing absurd stuff. There’s plenty of things to cover and we’re sure with some effort, channels can find better content to run.


The report is good for a laugh so treat yourself:

This content has been update based on new information and feedback.

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  • Dude. The news itself said ‘Ye ham nai, ye social media pe log kahanian bara rahey hain’
    Watch the whole thing and then post. Your website is turning into those click bait websites. please improve the level of your journalism

  • This article is the continuity of that STUPIDITY. As the video is old and on this ocassion you posted it
    Height of Stupidity by ProPakistani also

    • Jb Hamara PM NS ho President Mute ho US main Trump ajaey India main Moodi ho tou Tech ki news kahan se aey gi. Gossip he reh jaey gi ya phr kuch Press Releases of some Banks and Telecom Companies.

    • like ahsan iqbal, propk should give tech news, “pakistan launching 6G first time in the world”

      there will be 02 news ,,,,,, one above, followed by corrigendum

  • its only social media stunt dear admin, please remove such rumor against name of media channel, or gives any footage prove along Voice over

  • haa lekin channel ne bhi to poora mirch masala laga dia na, Afwa ki jaga inkishaf ka lafz istimal kia, shame on neo channel

  • Hadh hi hogayi ProPK aur Zarar bhai! matlab ke jo aapne ek post dali hai about internet/social media reactions about trump’s win so woh aapke apne views hain?

    Matlab ke agar social media ki jo khabar aap TV par chala do tu woh us TV Channel ka point of view ban jaega?

    I agree with you ke our TV channels are stupid but don’t you think ProPK is following their foot steps? And becoming the same sensational news breakers over internet?

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