CPEC Becomes Reality: First Ship Docks at Gwadar Port to Carry Chinese Consignment

A Chinese Ship, billed as “He Lee” today docked at Gwadar Port to take a Chinese consignment and carry some 300 containers to western markets.

This consignment had reached Pakistan from Kashghar and was ultimately brought to Gwadar through CPEC western route.


Chinese Export Consignment Reaching Gwadar Earlier Today

Consignment includes 300 containers of goods of various categories.

These containers — filled with Chinese export goods — reached Gwadar earlier today and after an inauguration ceremony tomorrow they will be sent to foreign destinations through “He Lee” ship.




He-Lee Ship Docked at Gwadar International Port for Inaugural Ceremony

Not to be mentioned, Quetta to Gwadar road was completed earlier this week that was used by this first trade activity through CPEC.


CPEC Explained in Less than Two Minutes

Just in case if you aren’t familiar with the importance of CPEC, watch this video to understand what CPEC means for China and Pakistan:

  • And still our parcels from China are being pocketed by customs and pak post, which is a black spot on CPEC.

    • Indeed. Pakistan Customs and Pakistan Post are two worst government organizations. Looting the common citizens of nation.

  • Apart from the negativity of customs and Pakistan post. These pictures are eye candy for every Pakistani

  • Pakistan Post is somehow ok but Pakistan Custom is full of dumb, ignorant and thief type people. You even show them invoice or even they see the price of item by themselves on aliexpress.com, still they argue that price is less and it falls in devalued category so they ll impose the duty. moreover, if u are wearing “shalwar Kameez” then they ll start from punjabi than urdu and suddenly they ll speak broken English to show u that they are something scary people and u should b afraid of them, they tried that trick with me last week but Luckily i been working with Dubai Customs (DUCOMS) so i paid them in same coin and got my stuff without paying a single penny as they were holding my item illegally.

  • Dear all,
    Infact it is a Happy day for us, But I want to share some concern.
    Here Pak Army will protect the Chinese, But Why Pak army Cant defend us , I mean they have people to defend Chinese container, it is very good, but they should also deploy some of their people to develop citizens as well .
    Will the container entering Pakistan will change the Trucks to Pakistani trucks and drivers., if not how it will benefit if still Chinese Drivers and truck will do the same
    China has reduced the cost but what we get ,Either we got their investments with returns to them or solely benefits of Pakistan,
    China is investing and installing factories , which will got many benefits from Government in shape of tax holidays, Why our government is not motivating same for Pakistani investors.
    Moreover , be ready to see soon , Pan wala Chinese, Shoe Polish wala Chinese, HOtel wala Chinese , etc etc, one example is , many shops are already purchased by Chinese at Brandreth road , Lahore and they are using many resources of Pakistan such like 1 Police wala for each Chinese , etc etc. and remember their cost of living is too low than us

    • CPEC Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is greater than the total FDI Pakistan got during (1980-2016)

      So its a very huge kind of FDI that is used/being used to develop infrastructure

      As a result You will see Pakistan grow in next 2-5 years

      Chinese investment has also made Pakistan secure, as China will not allow India to disrupt Trade route. Its a win-win game for Pakistan and China, looser is India and his allies.

  • Today it is a historic day that port has started its work and hope this will bring prosperity in country as well as employment for the youth… No doubt, the trade activities will increase in the country and it is also my request all the authorities the local people may be participated in all trade activities so that their deprivation as they have been time to time raising their grievances on some platforms can be redressed…

  • and what is the point to hold parcel from Ali-express even if you order 1 single item for personal use (this is not for business, this is personal use). Ali express is seriously thinking to stop sending items for Pakistan, if this is the attitude of Corrupt custom staff, they are looting people this way.

    • They stop parcels mostly saying “the value mentioned is less than the actual value hence ur parcel fall in devalued items” and there ll b a corrupt custom director who ll evaluate the value of ur item without even checking the seller website or even if u show him the invoice or the website mentioning the price of item he ll never agree and ll impose heavy duties forcing u to settle the matter with him through his peon.

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