Pakistan Railways to Launch Sada Salamat Train To Promote Tourism

Pakistan has its fair share of leisurely tourism spots. However, the tourism business has stalled due to security concerns in the country.

To bring about a change, Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) in collaboration with the Pakistan Railways have agreed to arrange for a special Sada Salamat Pakistan train.

The Sada Salamat train will start its journey from Rawalpindi to reach its destination in Karachi, from December 25th.

PTDC aims to establish tourism facilities at the railways stations to attract more and more people on a daily basis. Chaudhary Abdul Ghafoor, Managing Director PTDC, added that trains are a very economical way of transport and initiatives such as these required something more affordable for the people of Pakistan.

Pakistan was ranked 113 in the World Economic Forum’s tourism report in 2009. There has been no real drive for improvement in the tourism sector in the past however, things are finally looking up.

PTDC In Khewra

PTDC is also considering setting up a Tourist Information Center (TIC) in Khewra. Ghafoor, speaking about the promotion of tourism in Pakistan said that Khewra Salt Mines are a backbone of the country’s mineral industry.

For something to be appreciated globally, its work site can be a talking point for the foreign tourists, he said. First Rock Salt festival was held earlier this year which motivated the PTDC to take such an initiative.

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  • What is govt doing for the railways? We are yet to see any real steps from the railway ministry to uplift Pak railways out of its misery. Saad Rafique is always keen to talk over all the issues irrelevant to his ministry but never heard him talking anything about the railway, it seems like it’s no where in the priorities of our govt.

    • Brother! You are right. Railway needs much much more improvement but remember in Mr Bilour(Ex Railway minister)’s era there were only 4 train operational. Now situation is much much better. So please appreciate if something good happens and keep your criticism and hate for some other time and place.

  • Just throwing dhool in the eyes of public. These so called Ministers and people posted in higher places who call the shots don’t even have the necessary qualifications or ideas to run sectors like these.
    All some money minting agendas.. Pakistan aur uski awam gai bhaar mein as long as they get votes.

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