Cyber Crime Law is Already Effective: Ch Nisar

Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has said that through the new cybercrime legislation, the government can monitor and control cybercrime easily.

According to the Minister, the new cybercrime legislation has already made its impact in Pakistan. There have been a number of cases which have been dealt with through the help of Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).

Minister Nisar discussed this in a meeting with the British Home Secretary Amber Rudd. He said that the new law will help in controlling explicit content on the Internet along with monitoring cyber terrorism.

He also took note of how the British government’s technical support will revolutionize the Pakistani institutions, which lack direction, drive and structure.

The minister added,

Resilience of Pakistani people and continued efforts of its LEAs have significantly helped the state to establish its writ in the country.

Nisar and Amber Rudd, two key figures in their respective countries, discussed a variety of topics which included counter-terrorism, illegal immigration, organized crimes, narcotics control, money laundering, and other issues of mutual interest.

Amber Rudd’s Point of View

Amber Rudd condemned the recent terrorist attacks in Pakistan and conveyed her heartfelt feelings towards the families of the people who lost their lives.

Rudd expressed the importance of regular exchange of views on matters such as security and national threats. She also mentioned how she would like to improve on the relationships between both countries.

Moreover, Nisar and Rudd viewed progress which covered areas of cooperation including security, counter-terrorism, capacity building of law enforcement agencies of Pakistan besides strengthening of Joint Intelligence Directorate by sharing of expertise and knowledge.

United Kingdom and United States have been very strict in their policies against cyber terrorism. Interior Minister Nisar said that Pakistan looks up to United Kingdom and their methods of dealing with online culprits.

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