Mobilink Starts LTE Trials, Warid Customers to Enjoy 3G Trials

In a new development today, Mobilink has started LTE trials for its customers while Warid customers are being offered 3G trials, we have checked.

Both companies are in process of integrating their networks, as a result Mobilink customers will get to experience 4G LTE services while Warid customers will ultimately be able to enjoy 3G services on their smartphone devices.

From sources we know that this early customer trial is being offered in select parts of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, that will further expand to other parts of the country during coming days.

Those Mobilink/Warid customers who are with-in the coverage area and are on compatible devices can simply connect their devices to corresponding 3G or LTE networks.


It maybe recalled that Mobilink is already issuing LTE compatible SIMs to its customers. Anyone with a Mobilink connection can go to company owned service centers to obtain a 4G LTE compatible SIM.

It must be noted here that 4G data for Mobilink customers and 3G data for Warid customers will be charged as per their current bundles or base rates, whatever is applicable. Customers have been informed about charging mechanisms through an SMS, we have checked.

After Mobilink, Warid merger, more than 51 million customers are now part of a single network (virtually) and they are moving towards a point where they will be able to enjoy the benefits of both the networks.

Not to be mentioned, both companies will fully merge into a single network under single brand in six months from now.


  • Warid Users, with compatible handsets can connect with 3G with their current SIMs
  • Warid 4G users — who have 4G compatible devices — can chose between 3G or 4G network
  • Mobilink customers will have to get 4G compatible SIMs (and handsets) to be able to use 4G services.
  • All data usage (either on 3G or 4G) will be consumed from your current data plan (whatever it is).
  • If not subscribed to any data plan, then you will be charged for data as per regular tariffs

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      • Warid 3G will work on Warid LTE sims
        Mobilink 3G users have to get 4G sims for Mobilink 4G

        • I have LTE sim ,but 3G Connect nahi ho raha, Manual Searching py 3G signal aa rhy hain Warid k, Mobilink ka b ye e scene hai, LTE Signal manual search py show hoty hain but connect nahi hota LTE py

          • check if your phone is on LTE mode only or 3g in network modes. i am receiving 3g signals on the same lte sim.

          • Bhai Mujhy Warid Sms Mosool Hua Tha K Ap 3G Use Kar Sakty Hain Apko Agr Sms Nahi Mila To Shaid App Istmal Na Kar Sakain

          • Call to 321 and ask CSR to activate 3G against your number and tell him that you are in Islamabad even if you are not. He will activate 3G against your number. If He refused by saying its in testing phase try 2-3 more times with different CSR. If they all refuse ask them to transfer your call to their supervisor. And tell supervisor that your friend activated 3G yesterday by calling help line and you guys are refusing mine. He will activate 3G for sure against your number.

          • Issue is not in your phone or settings. Your phone will automatically connect when the network will allow it.

  • Zong users can’t port out. MNP to 667 results in “Dear customer, please pay back your advance loan via recharge to avail 667 SMS servicere” after multiple attempts today I visited Zong head office and they said we will resolve the issue after 24 hours so any body who is facing such problem can visit Zong headoffice. All my Zong numbers are showing same error and I never used Zong loan facility.

    • زونگ والے آپ کو چھوڑنا نہیں چاہتے۔

      دو،چار سنائیں پھر میسج بھیج دیں گے۔

    • very strange! Have they subscribed you to a service automatically without your approval? Please let us know what they say on this “advance loan service”

        • Bhai Ulty Bhi Latak Jain Tab Bhi MNP Nahi Karwa Sakty Qk Zong Ki Badmashi Ha Jub Tak Apka No Unblock Nahi Karain Gay Nahi Ho Sakta Mujhy 1 Saal Laga Tha Aakhir No Disown Karwa Dia

    • But i loved Zong for there excellent internet speed… And telenor for their superb call rates.. Keep zong Sim for net and get telenor Sim for calls

  • Great news. Looking forward to how Mobilink 3G and 4G behave after merger. Hopes are not so high btw

          • hahahah… inn k aik honay se data ko apis mei misunderstanding nahi ho gee aor jaldi se guzar jayen gey :P

          • Bhai Abhi Mobilink or Warid separately Frequency Par 3G or 4G Use Kar Rahy Hain Mobilink Apni Tower Par 4G equipment Install Kar Raha Ha Or Warid Apny Tower’s Par 3G Equipment Install Kar Rahy Hain Ap Network Search Karain Dono Different No Par Show Hoty Hain Or Kain Site Par Same No Par

      • We don’t need 3G dear. We are happy with Warid 4G only. Network quality is degrading already. Seems they have shifted voice to Mobilink already. Terrible Mobilink.
        The only advantage will be with Mobilink users. They will finally use a quality network. :)

    • We don’t need 3G dear. We are happy with Warid 4G only. Network quality is degrading already. Seems they have shifted voice to Mobilink already. Terrible Mobilink.
      The only advantage will be with Mobilink users. They will finally use a quality network.

  • Telenor, Zong & Mobilink are competing now. Ufone with inferior technology may also die soon, like Warid.

  • Just decided to stay with Zong 3g instead of upgrading to Mobilink 4g after having a sight of above speedtest screenshot. RIP Mobilink 4g….!

  • What I still hate is that you can do GSM calls when using 3G at the same time on Warid, but it doesn’t automatically switch back to 3G if you’re doing GSM calls when using 4G. I wish there was seamless switching.

  • Hahaha… Laughing at mobilink 4g… Just 9.4 and 6.0..
    ALHAMDULILLAH i am using 18.8 and 24.6 on zong..

        • Bhai Haha Karny Se Haqeeqat Ka Inkar Nahi Kia Ja Sakta Shuroo Main Zong Ki Speed 62mbps Tak Maine Khud Test Ki Ha Ab 20mbps Tak Reh Gai Ha Ab Mobilink Ka Pata Chaly Ga

  • I am really pissed off now .. got the 4G replacement but 4G isn’t working yet on my number .. I am like WTF is going on

  • Just got my 4G Enabled Sim from Mobilink Punjab Chowrangi Business Center Karachi. Sim with Jazz Logo is 4G Enabled Sim. Trials in Karachi will be starting from 28th November, 2016 and Mobilink 4G Will be officially launched all over Pakistan on 9th or 10th the December with aggressive marketing in news papers and media on 11th December, 2016.

  • Using Mobilink 4G in Karachi, just clutch your new SIM Card which is 4G enable. Call 111 or 777 and ask them to activate 4G LTE on your number. Restart your phone and start using it. I am at abdullah Haroon road and getting speed of around 19-21 Mbps .. Enjoy

  • Jin logon ko warid mein 3g use karna woh apni old sim se *443*3# dial karien unka 3g activate hojega old sim par hee.

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