Whatsapp Now Allows You to Watch Videos While They Download

WhatsApp, which has been adding features for quite some time, is back with another important feature. In an update to the beta version 2.16.365 of the app, WhatsApp allows you to view a video while its downloading.

Normally, the app requires you to download a video fully before you can watch it, but the latest update will likely save a bit of time and data (if you don’t consider it worthy enough), before it is fully downloaded.

The latest update shows a play button on the media content while it is still buffering. The usual download button is relegated to the bottom left. With its more than a billion users worldwide, including those who hail from developing countries, the feature will undoubtedly be a sigh of relief to a lot of users.

It is not clear when the update will get its place in the public release, but it shouldn’t take that much time now that is in beta. It is only being reported by beta testers of the app in India as of now. With its new GIF support and conversion tools, the new changes will go nicely together in WhatsApp’s future.

Only earlier this week, WhatsApp allowed the ability to add video-calling, a much-needed addition after years of demand from users. With Facebook expected to add more features from Snapchat like it did with its own app, things might be about to get even better.

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