RapidCompute Aims to Be Pakistan’s Most Reliable Cloud Service Provider

Cloud computing has become the solution of choice for large scale processing needs and data storage requirements throughout the globe. With it, businesses and commercial users can get all the computing power and storage they need without having to maintain physical servers. Investment in physical servers brings with it the traditional costs of maintaining data center operations, maintenance contracts, specialized HR and a ton of hidden costs.

For today’s dynamic business environment, agile companies find it difficult to grow and scale for sudden requirements using traditional hardware due to lead times of delivery and internal processes and documentation.

With today’s cloud infrastructure, not only can companies grow at the pace that their business demands, but can also keep their costs in check by paying only for what their organization needs at the time keeping them operationally lean and efficient.

This robust, remote infrastructure can easily be accessed by organizations through data or internet links, reducing the companies hassle and worries to a simple SLA that ensures the level of service and quality their organization needs.


RapidCompute is one such cloud service provider. The company promises all of the benefits of cloud computing and attempts to match industry leaders in that regard. Established in 2012, the young company has emerged as the leading Cloud Service Provider in Pakistan.

Let’s take a look at what makes RapidCompute a leading cloud service provider and how it is benefiting companies nationwide:

Infrastructure Access

RapidCompute is a small, but dynamic cloud service provider, which gives it the ability to invest in the latest hardware in their data centers. Bigger players like Amazon, in comparison, tend to look for economical and versatile solutions as they have to make huge investments and buy hardware in bulk. Since RapidCompute operates on a much smaller scale, it can easily update to the latest hardware and software technologies without delays.


Latency is a very important factor when one considers cloud processing. Thanks to RapidCompute’s locally hosted data centers in the northern and southern regions of the country, local companies get the least possible latency on their connections with RapidCompute. Moving large data to the cloud is generally a problem due to limited bandwidth but with local CSPs it’s very feasible as local links up to 1Gigabit can be easily obtained by businesses.

Local Data Centres

As their data centres are hosted locally, clients can get peak-hour performance on local times. Working with global vendors does not guarantee that. With RapidCompute, companies can complete their crucial tasks, in real time, even during peak hours.

Client Support & Mission Critical Services

RapidCompute, being a local cloud service provider offers real-time support in the local language and provides deep dive expertise for mission critical services. Their teams are available for local support which makes scheduling meetings quite convenient. Clients can discuss complex scenarios at length, like running SAP, MS Dynamics, mission critical websites without having to worry about the time difference. It’s also possible to setup proof of concepts on their infrastructure before undertaking complex cloud migration projects.


RapidCompute is the only Cloud Service Provider (CSP) in Pakistan which is ISO 27001:2013 Certified and is also PCIDSS3.2 compliant with the certification for PCIDSS3.2 under process.  Clients can avail the benefits of rigorous security for a fraction of the cost of obtaining these certifications themselves. RapidCompute also has arrangements with the best in class DDoS mitigation service providers such as Akamai and offers always-on and on-demand DDoS mitigation to customers.

Healthy for Startups

Startup launches are on the rise in Pakistan but have limited resources when it comes to investing in infrastructure. RapidCompute also offers assistance to startups in designing scalable cloud-ready architectures. With free trials coupled and managed services plus a scalable and secure infrastructure, this is a pretty attractive option for Startups looking to launch services in Pakistan especially in the FinTech space.


Large scale cloud operators, like Amazon and Google, focus on per-hour billing which is a cost effective method for the client as they end up paying only for what they use and for the time they use it for. RapidCompute follows the same pay-as-you-go billing method while offering a feature-set that is tailored for the Pakistani market. Clients get to upgrade or downgrade their service packages via the customer portal, allowing for unmatched convenience and cost savings.

Why RapidCompute?

RapidCompute is one of the best cloud service providers in the Pakistani market right now. Being local gives it an edge over long-distance and large scale cloud operators. The service has been operating commercially since 2012 and is backed by Cybernet, which is one of the oldest and most stable ISPs in the country.

Hosting with local CSPs encourages companies to offer the latest services, resolve any current issues on the fly and add to their feature set which could result in long-term benefits for their clients and the CSP market, in general.

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