Majority of Packed Milk Brands are Hazardous to Health: Supreme Court

Packaged milk was launched in Pakistan in the 80s. The public was slow to accept such long lasting milk and documentaries were aired on PTV to show people how Tetra Pak milk was safe from germs and bacteria.

Slowly people moved to packaged milk after concerns over the purity of fresh milk. Little did the public know that these brands were selling them the same, or even worse, quality of milk.

Supreme Court’s Order

Back in September, Supreme Court ordered a chemical examination of all domestic and international brands selling packed milk in Pakistan. The order was issued by a two judge bench after a petition from Barrister Zafarullah Khan against the government of Punjab for not banning these products.

University of Agriculture Faisalabad (UAF), the University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences Lahore (UVAS) and the Pakistan Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR) were to conduct the analysis without any leniency or fear.

Unhygienic Conditions

Advocate Haider Rasul Mirza submitted reports against thee companies to the Supreme Court due to their unhygienic practices regarding milk products after the court’s request. These companies were Al-Fazal Foods, Doce Foods and Gourmet Foods.

All companies were asked to explain their positions. Director Punjab Food Authority was also asked to explain regarding this matter.

Milk Brand Reports from PCSIR

PCSIR submitted sealed milk analysis reports along with guidelines to the court. One report was for pasteurized milk while the other one was for UHT packed milk.

Pasteurized milk goes through a mild process which removes bacteria and germs and very few preservatives are added.

UHT (Ultra Heat Treatment) involves heating milk at a temperature of 135 degrees Celsius for a few seconds before cooling it down again. This results in killing all healthy bacteria as well as nullifying most nutrients.

Ten pasteurized milk samples were tested by the PCSIR. Out of all of these, Prema milk was the only one found fit for human consumption.

Other tested milk samples that were found unfit for health were taken from:

  • Nurpur Milk
  • Anhaar Milk
  • Adams Milk
  • Nutrivo Milk
  • Doce Milk
  • Gourmet Milk
  • Achaa Milk
  • Al-Fajar Milk.

Only Prema Milk was found edible amongst all pasteurized milk brands

Six UHT standardised milk samples were also tested and all but Haleeb Milk, were found to be drinkable for humans (names not mentioned in court order). UHT (Ultra Heat Treatment) involves heating milk at a temperature of 135 degrees Celsius for a few seconds before cooling it down again.

Report from UVAS

The university submitted a detailed report on the contents of these milk products. The report said that sugarcane quantity is present in UHT Haleeb Milk and pasteurised Achaa Milk, Adams Milk and Anhaar Milk.

The report states that heavy metals, hazardous for health, were found in UHT Good Milk, Haleeb Milk, Nurpur, Nestle Milk Pak and Day Fresh.

Amongst pasteurized milk samples, heavy metals were found in Nurpur, Doce, Gourmet and Daily Dairy.

Report from UAF

UAF found all UHT samples to be consumable while Adams and Achaa milk were found to contain sugar and formalin.

The Decision

Supreme Court has ordered all of the named companies to respond to each of the reports where the brand name was mentioned. Once the legal proceedings finish, these products will be banned until they rectify the problems and only market products which are fit for health.

While it the petitioner is appreciated, this is something which has to be regulated by the food authorities and health ministry.

The public and their children have been drinking hazardous milk for the past three decades and who knows how long this has been going on for.

The government needs to implement a stricter control since all brands (except Prema milk) were named in at least one of the reports for being unhealthy or even dangerous to consume.

Court’s detailed order can be downloaded from here.

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  • Aamir bhai, How can you skip the word NESTLE MilkPAK from whole story? Whether its hygienic or unhygienic, tell something about this as well.

  • because the PREMA milk belongs to shariffs family, and N league specific trends and style in ruling the country that buy and control everything, specially Judiciary and all law agencies, that is why they are always in trouble with Army, because this is the only enitity which they failed to control.

        • Apart from who owns Prema, if you drink milk of all brands you’ll realise yourself that prema is much better than others

          • agreed, atleast expiry mentioned on it.
            try other dabbaa milk, open it and put it anywhere inside anything, it will not spoil. it ll keep fresh for days and days..god knows what chemical inside it.

          • I have used olper, anhar, milk pack … but yes Prema using since 2009 always feels like its the pure Australian cow milk … that’s why we don’t find it on every shop, and often sold quickly if available …

    • Lolz … it belongs to Pervaz Elahi ‘s cousin, one of the biggest rivals of sharif family

  • Mention the names of 5 out of 6 UHT milk brands which are safe? It is written except Haleeb all were found safe. But no names. Isnt it useless? How we know which brand’s samples were taken alongwith Haleeb?

  • RELAX sleepy QOM. multi national conglomerates follow some basic rules i.e. not to directly kill masses of the country they’re operating. WHOLE WORLD uses that milk and very few plebs die…… Not all milk is poisonous. But all TARANG IS BAD BAD BAD.

  • yahan bhains key doodh ki essi tessi kardi hey dabba to phir dabba hey andar pata nahi kia kya mila ke dedete hain

  • aur in reports se hoga kia aur supreme court ne kia karlena hey ek hi lafz hey ponkaa
    yahan phansta sirif woh he jo sahi hota hey
    ghalat logoon ke peechey to un ke hawaari hi bahut hote hain bachaeny ko

  • wesey tamasha acha hey is mulk ki qoom ko bananey ka pehle doctor hazraaat kehte hain ke dabbey ka doodh peejiye khula safe nahi hota
    aur ab kehte hain ke fresh milk peejiye fresh lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • good that olpers are not in list !!! i also avoid nestle , Olpers is our pak production hope they will maintain their image

  • i think fresh milk from reliable source is best idea don’t waste ur money and life on DABA packed any type food items Allah keep Us Safe Ameen

  • The article contradicts itself. As usual no one bothered to proof read it:

    >Six UHT standardised milk samples were also tested and all but Haleeb
    Milk, were found to be drinkable for humans

    >The report states that heavy metals, hazardous for health, were found in
    UHT Good Milk, Haleeb Milk, Nurpur, Nestle Milk Pak and Day Fresh.

    When will propakistani improve its standards? This is pathetic.

    • PCSIR tested UHT treated milk and out of the six it tested only Haleeb wasn’t good. But when UVAS tested then UHT good milk and etc were found to contain heavy metals. The report doesn’t conntradict itself, it is a combination of three different reports.

  • Lol. Except Nurpur, most of us haven’t even heard of the names mentioned in this report. What about Olper’s, Nestle MilkPak, GoodMilk, Dairy Omung, etc?

    EDIT: Found Milk Pak and Day fresh in the list.

  • Guys,
    Please have some perspective……Ham Log aik doosray ki naqal mein fuzool baatein shru kar detay hain, magar Yeh bhi tu Socho ke khula dooodh tu doodh hi Nahi hota….. Open Or gawala milk is poison!

    BTW…. The authorities mentioned in this article, including our own supreme court, do not have enough sophisticated equipment to pass judgement on anything (including the investigation of Panama leaks)……. Tamasha hai Ye Sara…. Kuch aur kaam karo Saray!

  • Nurpur belongs to Fauji Foods which in return belongs to Army, is there anything more to say. Moreover Lt Gen Muhammad Haroon Aslam, HI(M), S.Bt,(Retired), is the Chief Executive and Managing Director of Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim Limited, Fauji Foods Limited, Fauji Meat Limited, FFBL Power Company Limited and Fauji Foods Limited.

  • what about olper milk and specially about tea whiteners Like (tarang, every day, cupshup, dosti, qudrat, etcc????????????

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  • Adulterants like Urea, Starch, CMC, Detergents, Formalin, caustic soda, and unhygienic water have detrimental effect on human health. All these adulterants have terrible effects on our body no matter how small the quantity. For instance, daily intake of urea puts an extra burden on the kidneys as apart from cleaning the urea produced by our body, kidneys will also be removing extra urea taken via the milk. Starch is added in large quantity and can be fatal to the people with impaired glucose tolerance and diabetics. On the other hand, formalin and detergents are reason for gastric ulcers, gastritis and kidney failure.

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