Get iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus on 12 Installments with 0% Interest: SCB

Banks often offer the newer expensive Smartphones on installments for a customer’s ease. One such offer is available for Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) customers as well.

You can now buy the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus on installments from SCB with plans ranging from as low as 3 months to as high as 36 months.

Here are the packages. For the iPhone 7:

For the iPhone 7 Plus:

To buy the iPhone 7 from SCB you can:

  • Head to their website at
  • Call 111-002-002 to place your order

That said, most banks if not all, often “hide” extra charges under the 0% markup they mention with the installment plans. In this case the iPhone 7 32 GB for example, costs Rs. 87,000 according to the bank. A quick Google search will reveal that the iPhone 7 32 GB actually costs Rs. 77,000 online in most Pakistani stores.

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Similar price differences of around Rs. 10,000 can be seen on the remaining models for iPhone 7 and 7 plus as well.

However, for those who prefer the convenience and flexibility of making payments on installments, this offer is perfect for them.

Via Standard Chartered Bank

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  • How about your previous post “Don’t fall for any zero market up phone installment offers from banks”

    Looks like SCB paid you well for this add

      • The title of the post already misleading,which mentioned “0%” interest and then in the post, you are telling us that actual price is 10,000PKR less for each models…..

    • refrain from the incessant and needless finger pointing, whilst the prices are steeper compared to the market, propakistani has clearly mentioned the difference. If they use their medium to inform their base of an offer which whilst steep is still attractive, it is commendable. har dusre post mein ‘looks like they paid you well’, doubt you even bothered to go through the whole post.

      • I am not professional critic neither the enemy of admin. I am just saying that propakistan posted that said post with such intensity that people thanked them for exposing the truth but now propakistan is kinda promoting same product to the same audience.
        I am one of the fans of propakistan but “looks like someone needs to use the brain along with going through the whole post”

        • There is nothing wrong with this promotional news post. They have clearly provided the price difference in their post and have also clarified that this post is intended for the ones who are willing to go for the higher price for the sake of making payments in installments. Therefore I don’t see anything wrong with this post even if they are paid for it, though they have clarified they are not paid for it.
          I fully support propakistani platform as they are making commendable efforts in spreading technological awareness. More such platforms are need of the hour.

  • This would’ve been nice if they actually delivered it, my uncle ordered an iPhone 7 from SCB and it’s been 5 weeks and still no news of it.

  • All the iPhone 7 models are at higher prices. for e.g iPhone 7 32GB price is around 75,000 and they are charging 87,400. Markup price of Rs12,400 for what? and additional charges such as service fees of 5%. Awaam ko Chay banany ki kooshsh…

  • hahaha few days ago you peoples post stay away from these type of schemes. And wow no you are promoting it with the same data. Salute to you sir

    • They never said they were against such schemes. Their criticism was directed at the marketing statement of banks with respect to 0% percent interest whereas interest was being indirectly charges by way of price differential. They demanded from banks to be more transparent in such schemes, they were not against those schemes.

  • About the last paragraph, the bank is not hiding any extra charges. The iPhone 7 available on online stores is unofficially sold in Pakistan i.e. grey market stuff so they don’t pay custom duty etc on it and it’s not approved by PTA. But the ones these banks sell are through official resellers like Future Tech in Pakistan and approved by PTA. You should clarify this in the article.

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