Internet Speeds in Pakistan Degrade Due to Fault in Submarine Cable

If your internet is sluggish tonight and download speeds or browsing experience is negatively impacted then its not only you.

Pakistan is currently undergoing degraded internet speeds due to a submarine cable fault in IMEWE (India-Middle East-Western Europe) cable system, we have checked with sources.

According to early information we have received, a fault in IMEWE cable system surfaced near Jeddah that’s causing the degradation in internet services.

It maybe recalled that IMEWE cable, when fully functional, has the design capacity of transporting 3.84Tbps of bandwidth.

In Pakistan, PTCL is major consumer of IMEWE cable and all ISPs that depend on PTCL’s back-haul are going to get impacted with this incident.

ETTR (estimate time to resolve) for IMEWE isn’t communicated as of yet.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Aamir you removed my post. It is unfair because I pointed out that PTCL arranged 72Gbps from alternative provider at premium rate.
    Please check with ITI in future.

    Also Transworld is equally affected and latency is high on it. They are trying to make arrangements too.

    IMWE is major bandwidth cable for entire middle east and transworld also repurchase on IMEWE a lot of bandwidth and equally affected.

    I am sure ITI on your fingertips but one call to ITI or Ptcl management would have been more fair.

  • PTCL ka rola hi hay. It doest matter either IMEWE cable issue is in place or a dog got to shit in their internet cable, their service remain unstable. ?????

    • Same here. Atleast they have the decency to let their users know. Something that can never be expected out of PTCL. Btw, services are degraded, specially browsing and streaming, very badly.

      • made a complaint to PTCL as netflix was streaming at a low quality. They said the same thing that there is a fault in the main line

  • I am really effected by this :(
    specially the users which have work with international market :(
    Its fine on 4G and 3G on local network but not perfect for international market

    • Jahan tk mene parha hai under sea fiber se waves produce hoti hai jo sharks ko apni taraf attract krti hai

  • Salam members, I was wandering if I can unclock PTCL Evo wingle to be used with other networks as there speed is pathetic now.

  • We’re entering 2017 and still there is no measure taken to make underwater cables more secure in order to prevent such a thing from happening every now and then. >_>

  • i have used connect net and witribe in both i’m facing low speeds…in ustorrent the speeds are abou 13 to 2 kbps

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