Lahore Residents Would Apply for New Electricity Connections Online in 2017

There is always a first time for everything. Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) will be starting a new online application system for both industrial and domestic power connections.

This announcement was made by the CEO of LESCO, Wajid Ali Kazmi, when talking to the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI). Senior LCCI members were present including President Abdul Basit and Vice President Muhammad Nasir Hameed Khan.

LESCO’s CEO promised that the department will commit to eradicating all problems it currently faces. Power theft, breakdown and corruption were amongst the biggest issues mentioned by the Mr. Wajid.

The new online registration system will start with the general consumers and will be available in 191 subdivisions from the start.

Improvements are being made with line losses being reduced and increasing recovery. The CEO promised to bring the line losses down to single digits. Currently line losses in Lahore are at 14%.

Lahore’s Load Shedding Ending in 2017

The line losses were decreased thanks to mobile meter reading practices. 700,000 new meters will be purchased while 180,000 faulty meters will be replaced with new ones in the city.

He further added that saving electricity is easier than generating it, saying that saving 1 MW of electricity is better than using money to generate the same amount. Load Shedding will be ending in Lahore in 2017 according to the CEO, he said,

Load shedding free era would be started by the end of 2017 as 10,000 MW of electricity would be inducted into the system

Industry Demands Lower Tariffs, Appreciates Efforts by LESCO

LCCI president Abdul Basit chimed in on the electricity situation saying that it was better than ever before. He said that the industries in Lahore were getting almost uninterrupted power supply but requested that the tariff be brought down to more affordable levels.

The LCCI president accused line losses and power theft as being the biggest causes of the energy crisis and asked that they should be brought down to a minimum, hopefully single digit numbers.

No further details about the online connection registration system were mentioned.

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  • A good step to a betterment… All such services should be made online so that the people need not to visit the offices. in this way a quick and complaints may be traced out and can know where is the actual fault. i appreciate to this attempt ….

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