New Vehicle Transfer System to be Launched Later This Year

The Excise and Taxation Department of Punjab is going to launch a complete vehicle transfer system.

This system will include a car registration smart card, a universal number and a new number plate. This will make the process of transferring vehicles among car owners much more convenient.

Instead of getting a registration book, a person would have to get a smart card on his name if he purchases a vehicle from someone. The old number plate will remain with the previous owner while the new owner will have to acquire a new number plate. This entire process will be free.

The records of Motor Branch of Excise and Taxation will also be upgraded as part of the process.

Moreover, this system is also going to help counter the vehicle mafia as it will eliminate forgery from the Department of Excise and Taxation. The possibility of corruption among excise data entry operators and key punch operators (KPO) will be removed with the new system.

Earlier, the Excise and Taxation Department made a decision to only issue universal numbers of cars to decrease the long queues of citizens at the department’s offices and decrease the work load, but now they’ve decided to launch a new system.

Work on the project has already started and the complete system will be officially revealed by the middle of 2017.

      • Before I had to visit local Post office to get Token every year. It was a hassle since my car was originally registered in Lahore and Pindi Post office would not issue the Token. There was a long process to move the Car Token from one Post office in Lahore to the one in Pindi. Starting this year (could be before, not sure), you can just visit the Excise Department in Pindi and pay your Token for cars registered in Lahore. Plus you get the Sticker for Paid Token, so you don’t have to show your Car Registration book each time there is General Holdup by Excise Department.

    • Here biased Aamir Atta will not mention that it is by Punjab government. Bus kar do PooTI ky media cell facebook par kafi hain.

  • Good.

    Plus govt should also remove those stupid clauses from law that if you permanently shift to some other city or province you need to re-register your vehicle and get new number. Such laws suck although no one goes for it and people keep using their vehicles.

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