PIA Upgrades to A New ERP Solution

PIA has implemented a modern integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution to upgrade and replace its existing legacy systems, said a press statement.

This new solution will enable PIA to dramatically enhance productivity and become more strategically aligned with the aviation industry, claimed the statement.

The automation of key business functions with business intelligence at key roles would mean faster and smarter decision making, better risk management, tremendous efficiencies in operations and the ability to intelligently plan the future because of better forecasting.

The contract to implement the solution was given to InfoTech Group.

Already known for their patented express delivery methodology which has delivered implementations within and outside Pakistan up to 50% faster, InfoTech was able to deliver a solution spanning Financials, Supply Chain, Human Resources, Maintenance Management, Hyperion and BI, in just one year.

According to Oracle, that is a best in class time for such a complex implementation.

Speaking on the development, Mr. Hildebrand said that automation is very important for PIA to enable the airline to meet present and future demands.

He said the implementation of ERP will enable management to have better administrative control and operational efficiency, in addition to improving decision making with robust and accurate business information, integrated operations, transparency and simple easy-to-use interface.

Mr. Naseer Akhtar, CEO Infotech said the level of commitment shown by PIA management in implementation of this project was exemplary. He congratulated the PIA management on laying the foundation of a system that will help PIA regain its past glory.

Mr. Nayyar Hayat, the PIA CFO and Chief of ERP Project, outlined the various aspects of the project, and commended the entire PIA Team on reaching this historic milestone.

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