Cheetay.PK Brings Free Food Delivery and Promos for Lahoris

If there is one thing you can state with utmost certainty, it’s that you can never take the love for food out of a Lahori. Lahore is renowned for the variety of food it brings to the table.

To serve all the food lovers in Lahore, Cheetay started its venture and brought all the best deals in town together from restaurants such as OPTP, KFC, Waris Nihari, Subway, Pizza Hut and many more.

Free Deliveries? Have no fear, Cheetay is here!

Cheetay is now going a step further and offering free food delivery for all its customers from 8 AM to 2 PM. That’s right, no delivery charges at all!

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No Restrictions, Just Order

Often times you live too far away from the vicinity in which the companies offer their food delivery. However, that is not the situation in Cheetay’s case.

The company is confined to any delivery areas or does not have any minimum order limitation. You can simply pick up the phone, order your food and have them delivered to your doorstep while the food is still hot.

The company has a fleet of riders who are deputed to promptly handle incoming orders since timely delivery is of paramount importance to be able to satisfy every single customer.

How To Order?

The process for ordering food is very simple.

  1. Go to the Cheetay’s website or mobile app.
  2. Enter your location where the food needs to be delivered
  3. Choose a restaurant and place the order
  4. Proceed to checkout
  5. Track your rider’s progress as he speeds your way with your food

Orders can be tracked under the Orders tab. Clicking on track your order will reveal the location where your order is at that particular moment.

Online Tracking System

Through this, Cheetay has brought innovation in the market. The online tracking system makes the food delivery process transparent and keeps all the customers engaged and up to date on their orders. The customers can track their food delivery in real time and know where their order is at all times.

The company also focuses on group mapping, which is another endeavor to reduce delivery time so that the process is foolproof and is streamlined.

To order food, visit Cheetay’s website.

  • They have a scarcity of riders. You have to wait 2 hours for your lunch to arrive. You should probably start thinking of lunch at 10:30am.

  • I’m living in Bahria Town, Lahore which is around 25KM away from central Lahore. Have ordered several times through Cheetay and they are really doing very good. I am pretty much satisfied with their services.

    They do have some issues with the quoted time on their website, but you have to understand it is practically impossible to deliver most of orders in 30-40 minutes, which they quote while ordering. The time to reach the restaurant alone sometime take 30 minutes considering the Lahore’s traffic situation, then the waiting time for food preparation (usually 20 mins), and now add up the the time it takes to reach your home from restaurant. So you have to basically order at-least 90 mins before your scheduled lunch/dinner.

    No body can deliver a order from Food street or walled city to Bahria Town (or any remote area) in 60 mins, unless the riders are spidermen :). Even for central Lahore, they can only deliver in 40-50 mins if their riders are already at those restaurants (which is not the case).

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