PIA is Inducting Six Aircraft to its Fleet On Dry Lease

PIA has planned to induct six aircraft on dry lease for a period varying from 6 to 12 years to carry out its routine operations of international and domestic flights including Hajj and Umrah flight services.

The induction of the aircrafts is aimed at meeting the demand of flight services especially in light of the availability of its fleet’s planes which are under inspections and maintenance.

PIA grounded all 10 ATR planes in December 2016 till the completion of technical examinations though there were reports that few of the planes were utilized by the airlinesr in flight operations last month.

Narrow Body Aircraft

According to details, the airline management wanted to add 4 “Narrow Body Aircraft” to its fleet and they were to be obtained no later than the first quarter of 2018.

The requirements were:


  • The aircraft should not be older than 2012 although older models could be considered as per National Aviation Policy 2015.
  • The seating capacity of the aircraft should be 150 plus in two classes—Business and Economy.

A Narrow-Body Aircraft or single-aisle aircraft is an airliner arranged along a single aisle permitting up to 6-abreast seating in a cabin below 4 metres (13 ft) of width.

Wide Body Aircraft

It also sought to include two aircraft under the category of “Wide Body Aircraft” by end of 2017.

The requirements were:

  • The aircraft should not be older than 2012 though older models could be considered as per National Aviation Policy 2015.
  • The seating capacity of the aircraft should be 250 plus in two classes—Business and Economy with the availability of full flat‐bed seats having facility of in‐flight entertainment system, in‐seat monitors with AVOD.

A wide-body aircraft is a jet airliner having a fuselage wide enough to accommodate two passenger aisles, also known as twin-aisle aircraft, with seven or more seats abreast. The typical fuselage diameter is 5 to 6 m (16 to 20 ft).

The formal Lease Agreement between PIA and the successful bidding company/ airline shall be executed within thirty (30) days of the receipt of duly completed Form of Contract Agreement /inspection of aircraft by PIA, which means these aircraft will be part of the fleet in May or June 2017.

Besides the induction of aircraft on dry lease, PIA has been in the process to acquire eight fuel efficient 787 Dreamliners in the mid of this year. This will improve the operational and business situation of the airline by a great deal.


  • I think PIA should be planned to take AIR BUS A380. Plane.
    Is Se Behtar Koi Or Kaha Hai

    • moaz135

      A380 ko handle kasy kry ge PIA?

      • Hmmmm PIA Ko Traninng Leni Hogi at the Do Chaar Accident Main Trained ho jayegy

    • Munshi

      Hahaha Not a single Airport in Pakistan can handle an A380.

      • Bar Bar Lene Se Behtar hai Ek Bar Big Plane He Ley Ley :
        Runway Bara Karna Hoga Baki Kaam Chal Jata hai

        • Raja Maja

          you took it wrong man, Wahab yeh THoook wala jahaz nahin jis ke liye runway bara karo yaan choota, phisalna shuru kar daiga. your operations and hangers will also be according to their size. ap ke tarhan HATHELI par land nahin karta ;)

          • Kabhi Positive Bhi Bol Liya Karo :
            A380 Ki Planning Nahi so What in Future INSHAH ALLAH Planning Karege then Ek Na Ek Din A380 Land Karega