YouTube is The Biggest Music Streaming Service in The World

The internet changed the game for many industries, especially the music industry. The arrival of music streaming services has completely nullified the need of storing music on your phones — a task which could eat up valuable storage space. Now, there are tons of services that let you stream music for free or for a small fee.

Surprisingly, YouTube, mainly known as the internet’s largest video streaming hub, also holds the crown as the biggest music streaming service. According to a SocialBakers, a Czech information technology company offering social media analytics, YouTube is used by a little less than a billion people to listen to music.

“82% of YouTube’s 1B+ users use the service to listen to music. This puts YouTube far ahead of any online music streaming services.”

SoundCloud, at second place, is far behind YouTube with just 175 million users. The rest of the music streaming universe is dominated by Spotify, Pandora, and Apple Music. Note that SoundCloud’s usage statistics haven’t been disclosed since December of 2014.

YouTube started off as Google’s biggest acquisition in 2006, and has turned out to be one of its best ones yet. The search giant has taken YouTube to new heights and today, it stands as one of Google’s most crucial enterprises. Recently, Google also enabled monetization for users in Pakistan, allowing content creators in Pakistan to make money through videos they upload on YouTube.

Image— MorganMckinley

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