Oppo F3 Plus: The Selfie Expert [Unboxing & First Impressions]

Oppo has built itself a bit of reputation when it comes to phones that specialize in selfies. It’s latest offering, the F3 Plus, launched in Pakistan today for Rs. 49,899 and we’re bringing you an exclusive first look at the device.

Similar to the previous F-family devices, Oppo has not cut any corners when it comes to presentation. The phone comes in a sturdy box which is covered with a soft cardboard cover.

Inside the box, we find a plastic tray for the Oppo F3 and underneath is a box which contains leaflets and a transparent silicon back cover for the phone. The compartment below contains nice-looking Oppo earbuds stashed cleverly to save space.

Alongside the earbuds, there is an Oppo’s wall charger which supports VOOC fast charging, a feature that was lacking in its predecessors. To finish it up, there is a charging cable and SIM ejection tool.

The complete accessories that come with Oppo F3 Plus include:

  • 1 x Vooc Flash Charge Cable (Micro USB)
  • 1 x Fast Charging Adapter
  • 1 x Oppo 3.5mm Handsfree
  • 2 x Replacement Earbuds Pair
  • 1 x Silicon Back Cover
  • 1 x SIM Ejection Tool
  • 1 x Warranty Card
  • 1 x Quick Guide

The Oppo F3 Plus has a lot of resemblance with the previous phones in the series. There is a slick metal exterior, which is of really high quality and has a nice finish.

The front of the phone is very clean and reminds me of the iPhone. Keeping in line with the latest trends, the bezel of the phone has been significantly reduced. The F3 Plus sports a 6-inches Full HD IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen. Oppo F3 Plus also comes with a factory pre-installed screen protector.

One of the things I don’t like about Oppo phones (F-series, case in point) is the lack of tactile feedback on their fingerprint sensors. It’s styled like a button so why can’t I click it like it’s one? Anyways, that’s just a pet peeve of mine and you might prefer it this way.

Speaking about the fingerprint scanner itself, it is one of the fastest I have ever used. It brings you to the home screen almost instantaneously.

The back of Oppo F3 Plus looks great. The body is made out of metal and has plastic antenna strips on top and bottom of the phone, with slightly lighter color scheme.

Since it has a metallic body, it doesn’t provide much grip in hand without the plastic cover.

On one side, you can find the volume rocker and opposite to it, there is the power button and SIM slot. There is absolutely nothing on top of the phone apart from one noise canceling microphone. 3.5mm headphones jack, speaker and charging slot are all present on the bottom of the phone.

Here’s a brief look at the specs of the phone. We’ll be doing a detailed review so keep a close eye on this space!

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  • Another overpriced shit from Oppo with Marshmallow this time when all other vendors are releasing phones with Nougat.

      • Shah G Why would some one go for this phone for 50K when Mi 6 is arriving soon with SD 835, 4 GB RAM and 64 GB ROM in atleast 15K less price. Which also support Android nougot and future updates apart from fast charging. Why?

        • Because samjha karain yaar! aap tu andar ke bande hain :-) Launch ke same day hi unboxing and first review agaya ProPK par…

          And one more thing get ready for being declared as un-necessary voice from Shah jee.

        • I do think the price is on the higher side but having actually use it and seeing how great the quality of camera is (since its focused to attract camera lovers), one can argue the price is acceptable.

          As far as the comparison drawn with Mi 6 is concerned, firstly I’d like to point out that both phones come with Android OS, v6.0 (according to GSMArena team).

          Moreover, here are rest of my thoughts:

          There are two variants of Mi 6 which are to be launched in Pakistan. One, the lower price version – 43K, has 64GB memory and 4GB RAM which is the same as Oppo F3 Plus.

          Secondly, it has a 5.15 inches screen compared to 6 inches of Oppo F3 Plus.

          Thirdly, the quality in camera difference is huge since Oppo F3 Plus focuses primarily on its front camera. Rear camera are comparable as Mi 6 has 12MP (f/1.8) as opposed to F3’s 16MP (f/1.7).

          Lastly, F3 comes with a 4,000mAh battery – only a handful of 6-inches phones provide that.

          To sum it up:

          Before cherry picking specs, try mentioning them in depth for a draw fair comparison.

          • I think at this ‘flagship level’ price, having only a mid-tier Snapdragon 653 processor is not enough for the F3. In comparison, the Oneplus 3T and Htc 10 have the top-tier SD 821 and SD 820 respectively and are at almost the same price point. Granted it does have a large screen and battery but the performance department seems to have been compromised.

            The quality of its front camera can only be hyped once the pictures taken from it are compared against those taken from phones which have a somewhat ‘normal’ front camera.

            Screen size is a matter of preference and in this case, it would definitely require 2 hands to handle such a large phone. When combined with its focus on having a great ‘selfie camera’, the phone appears to have a limited target audience.

            • I thoroughly agree with your assessment (re: performance of GPU). Though that will be analyzed later, when we do a thorough review of the device.

              Regarding the quality of the images, you’d see it for yourself. It’s by far the best front camera I have ever came across. Surely we’ll incorporate the comparison with other cameras too. Thanks for the suggestion.

              There’s iPhone Plus version that have been sold widely. Don’t necessarily mean it’s a drawback, though.

          • Thank you Shah G.
            1st of all Mi 6 is yet to be unveiled, and it is highly unlikely that Mi 6 will come up with Marshmallow because Xiaomi always release its flagship with latest android version. And currently I am using OPPO’s F1 Plus and if after spending 40K, I still never get software update is a crime.

            And in Mi 6 there is gorilla glass 4 support and quad HD display , and 6 inches phone is not for every one and is heavy on pocket. 5.15 inches is best size.

            And battery size will possibly same in both devices. And don’t forget SD 835 vs 650. And still Mi 6 is cheaper than OPPO.

            F3 might be a good device I trust you but atleast 15K overpriced.

            • I’m quoting the specifications of GSMArena team informed us. It can be different, of course, as they are mere speculations.

              I’m not arguing which is the better device, I was just clarifying that the comparison drawn was unfair since you never quoted the rest of the facts.

              Though, I agree, Oppo F3 does cost a lot. But they are targeting a specific audience: the camera lovers.

      • I know boss you have declared me as un-necessary voice but if you would like to revert on one question? You believe that this phone is well priced at 50k?

  • Oppo price for this fone is far higher than any brand with such specs like Xiaomi Mi Max Prime or vivo or Samsung Galaxy A7, .. On the other hand OnePlus 3T is the most best choice within same limit. This fone must be priced at 30000PKR. Priced par higher than expectations.

  • Ab deepika padukone nay jo paisay liyay hai wo yeh apni price main cover krain gay :P

  • “The back is made out of metal and gives decent grip”
    “Since it has a metallic body, it doesn’t provide much grip in hand without the plastic cover.”

    Aren’t these 2 statements conflicting? Because they do not provide a definitive idea about the level of grip.

    • It doesn’t slip out of the hand like F1 or F1s, hence it has a decent grip. When compared with the grip with the plastic cover it comes with, one will definitely want that on as opposed to using it without one.

      That sounds better, I hope.

  • why manufacture copies design. same design seen in many mobile phones including samsung. They are failed to introduce its own design. It seems most of manufactures are inspired from Apple.

  • Why do everyone keep copying iPhones? Is there a lack of intellect everywhere else except California?
    The shape is similar to the present iPhone, speaker grille is same. Headphone jack resmbles with iPhone 6S one. Diamond aluminium cut at bezels reminds of iPhone 5S & earlier. What’s happening folks?
    Fingerprint scanners are oval and the front of phone is clean like an iPhone.
    Not so impressed, I must say.

  • There’s no mention of the phone size, I mean this thing is “HUGE”. The first thing you’ll notice about this phone is, its quite big. Doesn’t fit in your hands, can’t operate with one hand and surely you can’t keep it any kind of pocket.

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