Google’s Autodraw Uses AI to Turn Your Doodles into Art

Auto-correct is a wonderful thing and is a big part of what has made Google’s search engine so easy to use. Drawing on our phones or computers is really hard, so, what about an auto-correct for the doodles? A tool that will detect the mishap lines you draw and suggest a better version of that doodle?

Well, Google has gone and built exactly that! Using its growing arsenal of machine learning and AI tools, Google has created “AutoDraw”. It is completely web-based and can be accessed from a phone as well as a computer. All you have to do is head over to AutoDraw, click on “Start Drawing”.

As soon as you start to draw, Google will start analyzing it using machine-learning and pair it with drawings pre-created by talented artists, giving you a row of suggestions on the top. You can also submit your own drawings to AutoDraw by heading over to this page.

Below, you can see how it recognized a weird rectangle I drew as a smartphone.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning is a kind of Artificial Intelligence in the sense that it lets a computer learn on its own. It can also make data-driven decisions overcoming strictly static program instructions.

Google is one of the pioneers in this field. It has also unveiled a number of other tools that employ this technique. Just last year, it showed of QuickDraw, a tool that could recognize any doodle you tried to make. AutoDraw is basically an improved version of it that not only detects your doodle but also recommends a better version of it.

  • Its very immature AI that only works for single lines for example when you try to design football ground it won’t recognize it.

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