The Panama Verdict is Out & Pakistanis Are Having a Laugh

Supreme Court has just announced its verdict on the Panama papers case.

A Joint Investigation Team (JIT) will be investigating the case and the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will be required to present before the team. The JIT will include officials from State Bank of Pakistan and ISPR. It will have the final say on whether Mr. Nawaz Sharif can continue on as the PM of Pakistan or not.

The results were nothing short of controversial with people taking to social media to share their reactions.


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  • The decision was same as expected…. put the bell in others neck and get aside safely.
    Anyway its good for Pakistan in terms of stability. My opinion is that the PM should resign on moral grounds but who cares……. we don’t have any moral deeds history here….. all previous political PMs have left offices by orders of judiciary or boots…. and all Boots PMs have left offices by getting killed or by getting pressurized…… SO why should we expect Mr NS to resign on moral grounds? Will Mr. IK (if PM) will resign if it is proved that he is father of Sita White’s daughter…….

    Finally remember, Mr. Khan will have to face many of his deeds when he will become PM….. if it ever happens.

      • Because he has failed to prove his case and his defense has been rejected, especially the Qatari letter is called a joke by SC.
        I suppose you should read the judgement.

        • Nawaz bhai, hum nay pehley hi bata diya tha tumhain k kuch bhi nahi hoga. Sub dheenga mushti hai.

          • Thori disappointment hai but case abhi finish nhe huwa. is mulk main mafia ka ehtassab kerna koi asaan baat nhe!

            • Nawaz bhai, dil behlany ko ghalib yeh khayal acha hai. Baki kuch bhi nahi hua aur na hoga. Sherrrrrrrrrrr!

              *عوام کا “بادام” کی دکان پر رش*❗❗❗
              *فیصلہ کو 20 سال یاد رکھنے کی بھر پور تیاریاں* ???

              • Aapki soch hai bhai. woh kisi nay kaha tha,

                ” Mjhe yeh fikar nhi yeh mulk kaise chalay ga balke yeh hai ke aisay he chalta rahy!

    • Can you for one second left Sita White out of discussion? Don’t have anything else against IK, anything which has caused the nation suffer? No… hence prove IK doesn’t belong to the same breed as AH, NS, AAZ, MFR, SUH etc!

      • Nation no suffered due to IK,…. yes.,….. since he did not got chance to make nation suffer.

        • So according to your logic, people should keep on voting these corrupt people!
          Have we tested IK yet? How do you know he’ll turn out as how you claim?
          Allah nay farishta toh nhi bheja aapke pass jis nay btaya hai!

        • Panama is corruption case and money of Pakistanis is looted by Nawaz Sharif. Sita white case is on the moral values of IK.

          • For whoever is bringing Sita White case, let me explain the absurdity of ur argument.

            > Firstly the Sadiq Ameen clauses address a public office bearer’s conduct, the actions which somehow resulted in the damage of the public interest.

            > Secondly If u think for a moment u will realize that IK did the deed in his youth (while not holding any public office) do u think that u r going to make him accountable for his every action and word right from his boyhood. Do u urself or any leader for that matter can claim that he has a flawless character from right from the start. and can u apply the same criteria on every politician.

            > U do realize that people “do” change. Some thing that is acceptable to u in ur earlier life might not be acceptable to u today and vice versa. and i can give u hundred examples. e.g, Junaid Jamshaid.

            The politicians like NS, SS, AZ, FR and AH are renowned criminals long before IK raised that issue in PAK, if u have any doubts plz google International media on their adventures from 90s. They have damaged public intrest while holding public offices by taking commissions, kickbacks and bribes(gifts) and stashing money abroad illegally.

            • Nawaz sharif is not whiter then white, may I remind you of his dalliance with a very well known married Pakistani singer of a few years ago!

              • Even ur mothers heart was white, the place which turned black taking persistant phatkas, forget about pakistani singers, they cant sing before bending over for bollywood anway

            • Sadiq Ameen clauses address a public office bearer’s conduct -> Yes it does but its description is so vague that you can fit anybody in it. In short all Pakistani’s are not eligible for any public office.

              IK did the deed in his youth -> True, then why the court is asking for money trails before NS was holding any office. In short when you are stuck, all laws are going to apply on you. Laws don’t care that you are young.

              People “do” change -> Yes people change but their nature never changes.

              Relax dear and enjoy whats happening around you…

        • So according to ur logic.
          NS, SS, AZ, FR and all their cronies are “ESTABLISHED” corrupts
          while IK is a “POTENTIALLY” corrupt. so even then he wins. LOL

          • Well, why would you fall off a horse when you never get chance of riding? Politics is a dirty business and nobody can be 100% clean.

            • simple question, are you an angel who can say that no one is 100% clean?
              If any other country including in Non Muslim country, a politician is clean then why not in Muslim country?
              people always compare with europe, us and other non Muslim countries, but when anyone says about clean politics/leader why do they say that no one is clean?

              • Simple…. politics always involves compromises to keep others with you. Even in developed world no politician is clean (means never had benefit of his position etc). BUT on the other hand every politician is clean unless there is some proof against him.

                This is not only the case with politicians. Everyone including myself has some got some undue benefit from his position.

                Pious men are hard to find these days.

    • What has Sita white, who incidentally is dead, has got to do with making of a new Pakistan under an uncorrupted new government which is not going to loot the Pakistani people?

    • Sita white ki baat wo kar rahay hain jinki baaji ghar se bhaag gayi thi, or baad me kia karnamay kiye uska andaza lagana koi namumin baat to hy nahi…

  • Ours is not an investigative court system. Its adversarial only. Parties are left on their own to prove their contentions. SC is not investigative authority. So it could not do much. But, where theres will, there is a way – and there was no will at all. Justice Iftikhar and his decisions were extreme, but our politicians dont deserve any less of judicial activism.
    Only trial courts can issue findings on factual controversies even when parties bring their caches of proof. Neither high court, nor supreme court court would mess with that unless there was gross misreading of evidence or miscarriage of justice etc.
    Notes of dissent are just tools to drum up impartiality of the court for consumption of public. And to pacify opposition. Thats about it. For instance, recently, election commission rejected references against Imran khan just because they were time barred. Imran was jumping around frantically because ‘justice’ was delivered to him. How will he now object at the same election commision? Thats a billion dollar question. A cunning trap, it is. And losers will again fall prey to it.
    Laws are a joke, meant only to control public like herds of sheep. When we goto courts, the same judges discredit and ignore laws calling them technicalities and against equity. And we keep wondering, why doesnt law of the land ever gets strong.
    SC is ‘outraged’ on non cooperation of investigative agencies, but asked and expected them anyway to do their job in a JIT. To add insult to the injury, heads of these court pronounced inept federal agencies were not removed. Really? Who are we kidding?
    Above all, ‘guardians’ of constitution and civilian supremacy have included MI and ISI in JIT. Wow. How and why exactly?
    I abhor those who continued to hype up the importance of SC verdict, some even calling it a precedent for centuries to come. wow. It was just waste of time and tax payer money. And i pity all those who believed in all this carefully orchestrated circus.

  • ProPakistani team must be angry today, that’s the reason why they did not wasted time for the coverage for their viewers. ;)

    • First form of tense is used when you use ‘did’ but no worries. PML N workers like you don’t know English much that is why they are celebrating based on poor interpretation of the judgment. No offense bro! :D

      • Noonies just saw their clown leaders Kh Asif, Kh Saad, Danyal Aziz, Ahsan Iqbal and Maryams dancing and waving victory signs and they started celebrations without reading or even seeing the judgement. I pity on them they dont no k kya verdict aaya hy bs “NS Disqulaify nahe hua abhe”. In k leaders inke jahalat pey he inko CHOONA lagatay hein ;-)

  • He is corrupt, but Pakistan is growing thanks to him, so let him be. He is no Zadari. Nawaz Sharif is a true nationalist.

  • Thank God kulbushan yadav was trialed in military court otherwise uska bhi commission bn jata

  • Not surprised at all. I don’t know what people were expecting but ii anticipated the exact same thing. Kuch nahi ho ga Pakistan ka. Because there is no justice system there. Only the illusion of justice.

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