PTA Delays 4G Spectrum Auction

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has delayed the auction for Next Generation Mobile Services (NGMS) spectrum (3G/4G) till May 24, 2017, on the request of telecom operators.

PTA had earlier announced to hold auction for NGMS spectrum (3G/4G) on May 16, 2017.

While speaking with ProPakistani, senior PTA officials revealed that all telecom operators have expressed extreme interest in the spectrum, particularly the Ufone. Operators sought more time on the plea that their Board meetings are underway and need approval for going to participate in the auction.

The official said that almost all operators including Zong, Telenor, Jazz and Ufone have approached for delaying the auction process.

PTA is expecting to generate more than the base price of $295 million.

PTA has revised the I’m and released new time lines and dates in the Information Memorandum (IM) for the auction of spectrum in the 1800 MHz range.

  • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

    First No one was interested and even Ufone was being pushed by UAE Govt on the request of Govt. And Now suddenly All operators are keenly interested.

    And If Zong and Jazz participated (which is highly unlikely) it will be tough one for Ufone. No hopes from Telenor BTW. Zong and Jazz might try to block Ufone by going for the Auction even though both do not require more spectrum at the moment particularly Jazz.

    • BADAR

      But who said pushed by UAE Govt by the request of Pak Govt?

      • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

        Read previous posts of propakistani.

    • Ahmed Sheikh

      Zafar, do you think any other operators will be able to go for this spectrum when they have their 4G frequencies allocated? I, suppose, Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) might not allow that.
      Just want to know your opinion.

      • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

        I didn’t understand you question? What CCP has to do with frequency allocations?

        • Umar Farooq

          see about section of CC.GOV.PK

          • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

            Can you please elaborate your question?

    • YA Raza

      Ap buhat he saada apr bhooly bhaaly admi ho , ab ap calculator nikalo aor hisaab lagana shuru kr do k kitny point kitny spectrum ho jay ga agr flaan company uy ly ly to

      • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

        Thats how it works my friend. I expected a better comment atleast from You ?

    • Aamir sohail

      Zafar bhai kaya jazz warid k bary mn koi update hy k kb tk band ho gi warid… Hamary area mn to signal ka bht prlm hy… Or na hi warid ki sims Mnp ho rahi hn jazz py…

      • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

        Koi pata nai

        • Aamir sohail

          Ok g

  • Ahmed

    This can be captioned as “PTA Rescheduled Auction” but as nation we need breaking news and we need suspense and this leads to bad journalism and blogging

  • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

    First of all I said unlikely for both Zong and Jazz. And do you think 50 Million customers are connected to 4G only? Or 3G? Or 2G? No my friend. Jazz’s 25% customers are now on 3G/4G which means only 39 million customers now on 2G. And 13 Million customers are either on 3G or 4G. At the moment Jazz+Warid, Telenor and Ufone are using only their 900 MHz for 2G due to reshuffling of 1800 MHz by PTA/FAB. So Jazz’s 39 Million customers are now connected with only 2 separate frequencies of 7.6 MHz and 4.8 MHz. So if 39 million 2G customers can survive only on 12.4 MHz of 900 MHz. Why not 10 MHz of 3G which has 3 times more capacity than 2G and 10 or 15 MHz of 4G which holds 6 times more capacity than 2G? It all depends how well Jazz manage its spectrum resources. And who told you my friend that spectrum refarming is not being made? Why all operators except Zong are not using any of 1800 MHz for 2G?

    And Yes Jazz can very well participate in this auction. Because if they get this spectrum they will not be in need to renew Warid’s license in round about same price, which is going to expire in 2019. And with this move they will also block Ufone’s entry in 4G club. One way or other Jazz spectrum will remain same. And BTW Jazz was also meant to participate for 4G in 2014. But good luck this time.

    Zong on the other hand has refarmed extra 5 MHz of 2G and made their 4G 15 MHz at most places and due to huge 40% 3G/4G users their 2G services do not require much spectrum. So complete 15 MHz roll out is not a problem for them. They will only go for this spectrum just to show off and cement their 4G dominance. Or probably to block Ufone as well. This is why I used “unlikely” for them.

    And Yes Etisalat is not a UAE Govt owned subsidy. But as per news Ishaq Dar asked UAE Govt to convince Etisalat officials for participation. Although Ufone need this spectrum more than any one else.

  • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

    Who told you they do not have plans for refarming? Why their 2G is only on 900 MHz these days including Warid? What are they doing with 1800 MHz?

  • Sherry

    Does anyone know of an app on android where I can find out the band or frequency a network is using for 3G/4G?

    • Matte Ur Rehman

      Yes any one plz let us know of any such application if exist?

    • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

      Network Signal Guru
      It will tell you spectrum band and width being used for 3G/4G. But it requires Snapdragon SoC handset with root access.

      • Matte Ur Rehman

        i have both Snapdragon 425 and super User Access….
        Thank You Brother

  • guest123

    Karachi DHA Phase 5&6, Clifton block 9 and PECHS

  • Arsalan

    Ajib jahilon walay comments han yeh networks ka msla hai woh license len ya na len.Ap logon ka koi hisa hai apas mein bahes sshuru ker di.Zafar rizvi sb please apni chawalian marna band kar den.Ap ki ab tak ki sari logics fail hui han yeh baten telecom experts ki han itna tu operators k ceo,s b nahi diacuss kartay hongay jitna ap logo ko interest hai.Itni fikar pakistan k baray mein kar len tu mulk ko kuch faida tu ho.

    • Umar Awan

      Bhai mere jo baten ap k liye chawlen hn wo boht se logon k liye informative hn . Zafar abbas rizvi bhai boht respected member hn is forum k aur informative bhi . Agar apko topic mn interest nhn to leave it atleast dosron pe tankeed na karen . Aur ap jnab kya propakistani pe gandum aur kapas k rates dekhne aaye hn jo telecom k baton pe itna chir rhe hn.