Youtube Gets A Material Redesign & Dark Mode

YouTube is testing yet another new design for its online and Mobile interface.The new design leans towards Google’s Material Design philosophy, ensuring that users can get to their favorite media without tons of clutter to sift through. The goal is to streamline the experiences across all the platforms offering a clean, simple look.

Users could turn it on earlier by tinkering with the source code on YouTube, but the method was far too complex for everyone to use.

Now, YouTube has made it simpler for everyone to check out the slicker, cleaner website.

Google Material Design Philosophy

As is the case with Material Design, the changes give the interface a singular, white look, with a laid back search bar and navigation options on the left. The focus is said to be more towards the content, which is visibly more eye-catching as a result of these changes.

They’ve also removed the upload date below the videos, and as a result, only the total views and usernames are visible now. Other details are being attached to the profile button on the top-right.

Finally, the video page is cleaner than ever with lesser, focused options.

The changes will be rolled out quite gradually to users worldwide, starting with 1 percent of all users within the first week.

Dark Mode

That’s not all. YouTube, which had previously tested a Dark Mode for low-light conditions, is now making the feature mainstream and available to all users on the web. The feature can be toggled under the new menu options on the profile button.


These changes come courtesy of a new design framework, Polymer, which helps simplify web development and could open the door for even more simplification of the interface in the future. The new Dark Mode is one of the new features which have happened directly as a result of Polymer.

This is only the beginning—you can look forward to more powerful new features coming soon!

Users can get a taste of the new Material Design version by going to this link. The feature is optional and you can revert back to the old familiar design if you like as well.

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