NEPRA to Take Action Against K-Electric for Loadshedding

The central high court of Sindh ordered the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) to take action against K-Electric on account of unannounced loadshedding.

Karachi Electric Supply Company (also known as K-Electric) has gained notoriety these past few days for not providing electricity in most areas of the day (including during Iftar and Sehri timings in some localities) in Karachi.

Sindh High Court (SHC) with a two member bench, chaired by Justice Irfan Saadat Khan, has ordered NEPRA to take any and all legal actions against the power utility company saying that K-Electric should follow NEPRA’s guidelines.

It should be noted that NEPRA made area-wide loadshedding illegal on January 22, 2016.

Petition on Unannounced Loadshedding

The hearings at SHC began on Monday after a petition was filed regarding unannounced loadshedding by K-Electric. The petition was filed by social activist Karamat Ali who was presented in the court.

Mr Karamat’s lawyer, Faisal Siddiqui argued that electricity supply for an entire area should not suffer due to non payment of bills from one person. He continued, saying that electricity theft should not be remedied by cutting power supply to everyone in a given area and instead the thief should pay the price.

During the hearing, officials of K-Electric were also present.

80% of Karachi in The Dark

The Supreme Court of Pakistan (SCP) had ordered K-Electric back in 2014 to avoid loadshedding during the holy month of Ramzan, according to Mr. Faisal. Despite the order, 80% of Karachi did not have electricity during Sehr on the first day of Ramzan this year.

The court reserved its decision for later on the same day.

Protests Across The City

Loadshedding in Karachi has sparked a series of protests across the city. So much so that even the likes of Spiderman were seen protesting right next to everyone.

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He went on to wrap himself up in chains to mock K-Electric, saying that the power utility was holding people as hostages.

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  • Very Good News, we wants NEPRA to take KE in govt custody or a corporation so that the decisions can be made in the benefits of common citizen, currently KE have no will, no expertise, to run KE in the interest of country and peoples of Karachi. They are only looting in excess/wrong billing and loadshedding at the highest level, same issue reoccur in 2 days, Tripping of Main stream at Jamshoro

  • thank god in lahore electricity is own by government not a private company…….just three to four hours of load shedding in 24 hours


        • Khokhar chowk is also in johar town. ATM at khokhar chowk. since 9 A.M 4 hours was loadshedding. Even now there is no light.

          • well i live in d block and there is 3 to 4 hours of load shedding in 24 hours
            good luck with your situation

            • Are you adding UPS back time in it as well? Strange? or May be some Politically strong person lives in your area.

    • In most part of lahore there is 6 to 8 hour load shedding plus low voltage most of the time

      • idk about load shedding but i must agree with you on low voltage its so annoying .
        OUR AC barley works for 30 min and then phussss….

  • In my opinion two things are must. (1) KE should be broken into further small companies for easy management and competition (2) NEPRA should make policy and operative rules ensuring general consumer interests especially passing petrol price impact to consumers through higher rates and discriminating slab rates.

  • This is ridicules..they are taking heavy bills from us & from chand raat we are facing almost 15 hours load shedding every day, also shortage of water due to lack of electricity…. What the hell Govt. is doing for fasting people??

    • if you are gonna give votes to pp and mqm than this will must happen come on man change something please this time give votes to other parties if you want change in sindh espacially karachi im not supporting niether i am hating some party i just want to say just dont give votes to these to damn parties i either dont live in karachi but when i watch situation of karachi on tv oh!!!!damn what the hell they have done to this city and province.

      • Even if you don’t vote or vote some other ‘party’ than these two, they ll still have higher number of votes. If you know what I mean … Same thing for N league. Jski bari h lagi h, wohi aigi party doesn’t matter if not one person votes for that said party.

      • You are right..but there is lack of sincere leadership…each & every political party is corrupt…we don’t have even a single person who is trust-able…The most earning city….the most ignored one.

  • 2018 Kay elections Mai Nawaz sharif, ya zardari, ya mqm ko dobara vote deejay ga, aur osi circle Mai ghoomtay raheay ga, jis Mai hum decades Sai ghoomtay raheay hain.

    Langer khanay ko Milay ga kuch paisay be milain gaay en ko vote dalnay par.

    aqal awam ko aani nahi.

  • NEPRA Kiya Kar Le Ga :
    NEPRA K Wakeel Ne Ye Kaha k Koi Complaint hoto Action Le :
    Matlab Use Pata he nahi hai : NEPRA Ki Hasiyat Pakistan K Sadar Memnoon Hussain Ki Tarha hai.

  • But the good part is “Bhutto Zinda hai”…………………thanks for keeping him alive

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