Sehat Unveils Their Sports Kit to the Public

Since it’s inception, Sehat (an online pharmacy with a website and helpline (042-11-11-73428) has consistently been at the forefront of e-health innovation in Pakistan.

From devising a portal where one can buy their medicines online, to establishing order scheduling and store credit features, Sehat has also partnered with leading insurance companies and patient care portals for making automated medicine delivery more and more of a reality day by day.

Sehat’s First Aid Kits have become somewhat of a ‘digital sensation’, and this month, a new addition has been unveiled for a particular niche market.

A carefully thought out Sports Kit has been developed with careful planning and research, which contains many essential items, including a hot/cold pack, triangular bandages for upper body injuries, and zinc oxide adhesive tape for sprains.

One very important item in the kit is one that is currently not available from shops at the moment – a cryotherapy – cold therapy-  spray known as BioFreeze.

The Sports Kit can be purchased here

Sehat has already supplied pre-launch kits to Model Town Football Club – with which it is also very heavily involved in First Aid Awareness – with the intent of supplying it to more institutions.

Former World No 2 Squash Player Gogi Alauddin even vouched for the effectiveness of the kit.

The online pharmacy is planning more development in the realm of First Aid, including, but not limited to, solutions for healthcare professionals, small children, and factory owners.