Sehat Unveils Their Sports Kit to the Public

Since it’s inception, Sehat (an online pharmacy with a website and helpline (042-11-11-73428) has consistently been at the forefront of e-health innovation in Pakistan.

From devising a portal where one can buy their medicines online, to establishing order scheduling and store credit features, Sehat has also partnered with leading insurance companies and patient care portals for making automated medicine delivery more and more of a reality day by day.

Sehat’s First Aid Kits have become somewhat of a ‘digital sensation’, and this month, a new addition has been unveiled for a particular niche market.

A carefully thought out Sports Kit has been developed with careful planning and research, which contains many essential items, including a hot/cold pack, triangular bandages for upper body injuries, and zinc oxide adhesive tape for sprains.

One very important item in the kit is one that is currently not available from shops at the moment – a cryotherapy – cold therapy-  spray known as BioFreeze.

The Sports Kit can be purchased here

Sehat has already supplied pre-launch kits to Model Town Football Club – with which it is also very heavily involved in First Aid Awareness – with the intent of supplying it to more institutions.

Former World No 2 Squash Player Gogi Alauddin even vouched for the effectiveness of the kit.

The online pharmacy is planning more development in the realm of First Aid, including, but not limited to, solutions for healthcare professionals, small children, and factory owners.

    • I think it’s quite reasonable. It contains BioFreeze and Sporting Organizations should pay at least 5,000 for a kit of this quality

      That’s sad to complain about it being overpriced when people would pay more than 7,000 rupees for a kurta. Sehat is backed by the Fazal Din Family and our main USP is reliability – there are no fake medicines in this kit and all are 100% genuine, maintained under proper storage conditions which regular pharmacies cannot manage.

      You may also place an individual order with all items separately and see the difference :). The choice is up to you sir.

  • Sponsored Posttttt……. Let me tell you a true story about

    A few months back, I called sehat to enquire about a medicine that disappeared from the market for a year or so due to some reason. That medicine was mentioned as “in stock” on

    First time, I called them and an operator told me that the medicine was available with them. I was doubtful as the medicine was not even available at biggest drug stores in Islamabad. I told him the same and asked him to re-check, but he assured me that the said med was available with them and that they had some special sort of relationships with manufacturers. So they can produce any medicine.

    Still I was doubtful ,so I called them again after a day or two and this time a lady operator assured me about availability of the med & that even if a medicine is not available in the stock, they can arrange it from the manufacturer.

    So, I placed an online order & paid the extra amount as well for courier charges. I made the payment through my credit card.

    After few days, they called me back and told that the medicine was not available & that I should now order some other medicine which I clearly denied & asked them to refund my money. On this they said that they do not have refund policy, so I have to buy some other medicine. I tried to argue that I didn’t need any other medicine at that moment so why would I order other medicines and that too on expensive rate + courier charges?? The operator again reiterated that I would have to order another medicine of exactly the same price & there was no other way. While I was trying to convince him that I did not need any other medicine, he simply cut the call quite rudely.

    Now its been over 2 months & there hasn’t been any contact from these guys.

    Last time when a sponsored post from sehat appeared on propk, I was ready to share my experience but then I thought to give them some more time before jumping to the conclusion but till date, no response from them.

    P.S: I assure all the readers that there wasn’t any heated debate or use of abusive language from my side which mostly people do while talking to a call center agent. In such situations, operator is left with no other option but to drop the call.

    • You mentioned web site and Fazal Din don’t own All their traffic is coming to my domain name.

      • Fazal Din does. Same family, same proud tradition since 1948

        And we were looking to purchase your domain. What price have you stipulated?

        • i had many offers from other start up companies but i am holding it. Since .pk prices are going up day by day. Hyder Mumtaz (CEO Augment Care) try to buy it cheap few years ago. contact me at saeedusa @ gmail dot com. pknic start auctioning domain names now and there is lot of interest like current bid is $2000 and 2 days left. It might go up to $10000…..and is at $1000 currently…

    • Sir please tell us your order id or customer id and we will guide you accordingly

      We don’t offer refunds on money sent to us as the process is too haphazard. You can log in to the desktop website and clearly see the money you have in your store credit account. Name one other e-commerce site in Pakistan that offers this facility.

      We do apologize that the product wasn’t able to come to you. We would urge you to utilize your store credit for the sheer convenience of ordering medicines that can be shipped to your address.

      • It’s unfair, if they don’t have a product in stock then why it is listed on website (even more, the buyer was confirmed about availability twice by them). This is serious matter (in my personal view its fraud) i think government should adopt a strict policy for such cases if they want eCommerce to succeed in Pakistan.

        • They should. In fact a lot of ecommerce sites still show them ‘in stock’ even if they are not available. Sehat still maintains the dignity of saying it is on back order. Yes it is a mistake that Sehat can accept if we can assure the customer that despite its unavailability being shown on the website, it can be arranged.

          The risk was one taken by the customer as well

          Thank you all for your positive feedback. Most other e-commerce stores wouldn’t go this far to listen to your feedback. Have a good day!

          • This is not an excuse that “others also do the same”. if you can’t provide the product; Refund “Full Amount” plus an “Apology” for inconvenience caused.

            I order product regularly from AliExpress; in case of items missing in transit, in which fault is not theirs they refund even small amount which are less then 1$ (Rs. 100). In this case even fault is at your end, instead of refunding the money you are just making excuses.

            عزر گناہ بتر از گناہ

      • Your first aid initiative is great, but the hapahazard way you deceived your customer isnt. You werent clear the first time about medicine availability and the customer felt cheated when you bargained your way out. Thats not how it works. I wont be making any purchases from you guys because I dont want to be in AAAs shoes.

    • I can assure you there is money in your store credit account if you paid and the order did not go through. Please tell me your customer ID or Order ID

    • He hasn’t even provided a Customer ID or Order ID. What he’s saying isn’t technically proven.

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