15 Reasons Why Islamabad is the Most Liveable City In Pakistan

To determine the most liveable city in any country, there are a number of factors which need to be assessed. Some of these factors include the availability of basic resources, infrastructure of the city, environment and job opportunities.

Based on what Islamabad has to offer, here are 15 reasons which make it the most liveable city in Pakistan.

15) It is great for family outings

14) No rickshaws, less noise pollution

13) Islamabad is filled with greenery

12) It has proper sports facilities 

11) Islamabad will soon have the best airport in Pakistan

10) The city hosts numerous international and local events

9) It has the best mosque of the country

8) Islamabad has great roads and infrastructure

7) Islamabad’s law & order is much better than rest of the cities

6) It has various hiking and picnic spots

5) Islamabad has some of the best health facilities in Pakistan 

4) It offers great job opportunities as many of the multinational companies have their head offices in the city

3) It is one of the most cleanest cities in Pakistan 

2) Islamabad is a scenic city

1) It is a well-planned city

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  • They need to make more housing schemes in Islamabad. There is so much land unused in and around the city. For instance what is the use to leave so much land on sides of roads? Look at the last picture above; 1000 sq yd bungalows can easily be constructed along each side of the road. As Muslims we are taught not to waste resources, so why waste this precious land that can be utilized better to make more housing schemes and commercial plazas. Think about how much revenue the authorities can make.

    • housing schemes wont give much revenue but rather we invest on building factories which will definitely increase Pakistan GDP

    • ya right… and damage the good environment, greenery, wilderness, animals. It will also raise the temperature. We are already spreading so much pollution. Islamabad should stay green….. Housing societies and plazas should be built in the outskirts of Islamabad.

    • nice joke…this all has already been devastated the environement…already lot of green patches have been removed …buildings and houses are not the face of your success or using resources .BULLOCKS

      • They should learn from Karachi. Asif Zardari took a great step when he allowed construction of high rise buildings. Look ho the people have benefited by increased property prices and economic activity. Now Karachi has transformed into a world class city with high rises like Tokyo and New York. now they even have plans to utilize dry nullahs and river beds.

        • Well one thing the federal government learnt very well from Asif Zardari is to steal all their tax money, and put them in their own pockets in Dubai, Jeddah and London or in Lahore and Islamabad.
          There is not one example IN THE WORLD where the city which earns 70% of the revenue of the country and 95% of the province gets less than 5% back, and that too is seldom paid (Sindh government has not paid arrears of budget payable to Karachi for the last 12 years).
          Its the worst form of slavery anywhere in the world today where Karachi’ites (irrespective of their ethnic/linguistic background), have no say in the running of their own city, nor get resources to fix anything at all.
          And now the rigged Census were deliberately fixed in a manner to ensure status quo for the next decade as well. Why is it that biometric system (retina scan or finger printing) were not implemented — what reality are the people in power scared of?
          Shame on all the free-loaders across the country for feeling proud of petty theft and apartheid — no law, Islamic, Democratic or even Authoritative allows for the systemic plunder of one group of people as is being done to Karachi’ites in Pakistan today.
          They have neither drinking water, electricity, or even decent roads and infrastructure. I have visited some village sin Punjab and KPK which are better than Karachi.
          What irony that the money Karachi earns is used to spend in other cities which then proudly claim about their livability, while Karachi slowly dies a painful death.
          And please do not bring MQM or any other party into this discussion — because ALL of them MQM, PPP, PML, PTI and Jamaat-e-Islami are responsible equally.
          It’s not about the blame game, but about basic human decency, ethics and fundamental shame that our country seems to have lost.
          May Allah save us from the fate that has happened to nations which have committed similar atrocities in the past! Ameen!

  • No 4 is not justified,
    otherwise I was already in Islamabad!
    lol, noway there are job opportunities!

  • I love Islamabad I have born and raised in Islamabad even my children born in Islamabad but for the past 2 years I’ve moved Faisalabad. I really miss my city so very much. I wish one day I’ll move back to Islamabad. Inn Sha Allah

  • Most of the people who know nothing about Islamabad are commenting. Its the best city but not easy for people who are used to of throwing trash on roads, spitting pan and gotka everywhere, eating cholay n payee at every corner and who have no driving sense or lane knowledge

    • ABkhan i also like to move Islamabad . i really like Islamabad cuz people are there is very good … but for ur kind information if Islamabad this much clean cuz Islamabad is capital of Pakistan all politician live there … and you know Karachi is dirty no driving sense or lane but karachi people is one that runing pakistan we earn 60% for all Pakistan and all politician in pakistan take money from us and spend on other city .. if Karachi money spend on Karachi you will see a new Singapore ….. i m not insulting anyone here but as pakistani karachi is also your city bro… saying bad word to other family member its not good thing .. i hope u understand my point

      if i say any think thats hurts you in any way . i m very sorry for that…

      thank you

    • We moved to Islamabad from Lahore (like 6 months ago) and i have to say… that is the most amazing and beautiful city i have ever seen. Already fell in love with Islamabad :)

  • Now the truth – living in islamabad since the last 20 years. Islamabad is not what it used to be, it’s much much more crowded, polluted, mismanaged and ignored by the authorities now. It is loosing its beauty and the green belts are disappearing due to those devilish metro projects. The markets are littered with beggars. There’s never a decent parking space available unless you go after 9 pm or something. Jobs? Well companies and their ops are squeezing day by day. Opportunities are scarce and it’s getting worse. No new business have opened recently hence limited jobs. Hiring on merit is a far fetched dream still and islamabad is not any different. People migrating in from neighboring cities and villages have resulted in severe congestion and generally a crowdy atmosphere. Parks? Very limited and generally crowded. Housing schemes? are non existent and even if , very expensive. Did I miss something? It is well planned? YES, but so I DHA Rawalpindi or Bahria or Lahore and Karachi DHA. People should go there instead and the writer should paint a more realistic picture of the city next time.

    • Agree with you on most of the issues you have said, you forgot to mention the water shortage problem that residents of Islamabad are facing.

    • As much as I love this city I have to agree with you as what you said is actually the bitter truth.

  • It is one of the most cleanest cities in Pakistan (yar main kia kahn ab banda urdu mn likh ly nhi likha jata tu)

  • agree with alot of thing but there are some places which should not called them self a part of Islamabad ( THE CAPITAL) also health facilities hmmm no my friend only 1 government hospital but no respect and people( external doctor/ nurses) rob there other government institutes are not worth of anything…:( sadly and badly other hospital/ clinic are expensive and quality is okay in mostly places. about the job Karachi got more international and national companies then Islamabad, but over all among other cities of pakistan its good place to live :)

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