This Girl Sent an Email to a Company’s CEO and Got an Unexpected Response!

Companies keep flooding your inbox with emails: some to announce their jaw dropping discounts, some to reveal their new products, some to remind you of the amazing deals you are missing out on and some simply lure you with special discount vouchers to win them back.

One such email landed in the inbox of a girl who routinely used foodpanda. The email from foodpanda stated why she wasn’t ordering from the service lately.

Just for fun, she replied back ranting about the reason:

While personally going through all the responses, this reply caught the attention of foodpanda’s CEO, Mr. Nauman Sikandar Mirza. He decided to respond to it personally.

Starting off by thanking the girl for writing him, he gave an interesting list of ideas and suggestions to the customer. He highlighted why foodpanda was the most economical option when ordering food, the big savings customers can make when discounts are live, the memories with the family on special days with food, and more. He listed all the good things foodpanda does for its beloved customers.

That wasn’t the end of it. The CEO even called for some light hearted suggestions in case nothing else worked:

After much to and fro, the girl finally convinced her father. She thanked the foodpanda CEO for his time and proceeded to order the meal:


So that’s it. What do you think of the gesture?

  • In other news, Foodpanda marketing department fabricated some PR fluff and paid Propakistani to pass it off as some touching story. Try harder?

  • Never seen such a stupid CEO… Who has so much time to convince with unprofessional thoughts. Don’t teach the customer the tricks.. Focus on your service quality at all levels that’s much better.

  • The idea given by foodpanda CEO of leaving the job and and school is extremely opposed as it can go wrong for herself and for her parents also. So such ideas should not be given in order to raise to revenue.

    • Any sensible person can figure out the humor in this situation. Let’s not be a stuck up idiot, shall we?

      • This is coming directly from the CEO in an official capacity. Not exactly someone you’d expect humor from. He and his company can actually be taken to court over this if some harm comes to anyone from actually following his advice. Really immature and unprofessional move.

  • Zabardast, kia tarbiyat ki hai CEO sahab ne. Apni hi tarbiyat show kardi apni suggestions se. Khana peena chor do, college jana chor do, job par jana chor do. Baki reh kia gaya CEO sahab, apne bachon ko bhi aap yehi taleem dogey?

  • Al i read is the ceo asked a girl to leave her studies and force her father to spend money just to make a profit. Shame

  • man how much you are getting paid from foodpanda for this sort of advertisement?

  • The first part of the response was good enough. But going on strike and taking extreme measures that’s not convincing to me.

  • CEO sahab nay itnI mehnat kyun ki. aysay hi food dy dytay

    bachI bhi khush and CEO food panda bhi bhi khush

  • agar ye mail koi larka karta to koi response na hota CEO ka or na ye koi news hoti :P

  • The article is a sponsored one but the initiative is awesome. Feels like I should try Mr. Food Panda.. :P

  • well its amazing and very nice of the CEO to have responded himself….good Job CEO

  • poor article. put a decent photo and when posting sponsored content mark it with some tag.

  • extremely lame, C.E.O. did not offered her 100% for at least 2 meals. or provide her with Rs 2,000 free balance for her orders.

  • close