Journalists & News Outlets Have their Say Over Panama Case Verdict

Supreme Court of Pakistan has disqualified the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif.

A five member bench has unanimously made a decision against the PM and his family. NAB has been ordered to file a reference against the Sharif family.

Several journalists from Pakistan and abroad have had a major impact on the Panama Papers verdict and have tried their best to ensure the matter doesn’t die down with time.

Following the decision, we have compiled a list of reactions and public statements from popular local and foreign journalists and media publications. Now that some of them have completed their mission regarding the Panama issue, let’s see what they have to say about it.

  • And one other journalist:

    Amir aata: i bow down to Imran khan for his excellency. He is a great person and god of Pakistan. He is angel …

    But, do you know, he is also next to be disqualified by SC, as per 62/63 — at that time you will destroy and breakdown SC right???

    Wait is better…

    • Admit defeat like a gentleman, not like a whiny cry baby and don’t start abusing/blaming others for your anger which is unjustified in the first place. You started supporting them blindly, it is solely your fault.

      • After a day if you are reading/watching legal experts you must have realized there is no point to be happy. At least don’t give credit to Imran as credit goes to Aqama and black law dictionary.

      • After a day if you are reading/watching legal experts you must have realized there is no point to be happy. At least don’t give credit to Imran as credit goes to Aqama and black law dictionary… just wait and watch.

    • No one cares or is talking about Imran Khan. It’s all about Nawaz Sharif being a liar, and corrupt (as proven by the courts, with the decision) Nothing is or could be better. Ahmed bhai, Nawaz to gaya, now who’s going to pay you your salary? Or maybe you’ve got your complete advance till the end of the term. P.S. I’m not a PTI supporter, nor I expect or wish IK to be the next PM. Don’t reply with that same thing, let’s stay on topic, which is about NS.

      • This is too childish to say “Who is going to pay your salary”… having no point ?

        Imran is a proven liar and it is proved in contradiction in his interviews given on TV channels talking about his London and Bani Gala property.

        NS is a liar on what ground? Coz SC judges said so? They said this on the basis they he hid that big “asset” NS was hiding in form of salary in UAE ? Salute to your intellect, when someone isn’t hiding Aqama and that he was Chairman of a company and declaring his all other assets a person of low intellect will only say NS was hiding this.

        These judges who have bent to stick of RWP always now or before at the time of PCO are giving certificates of sadiq and ameen. Justice in Pakistan will go that low ?

    • He have all proves and documents. He use to Play and earned it from the. No like any Dick and harry From illegal way.

    • After a day PTI must be thinking they have no reason to be happy after what legal experts are saying on this judgment. How Imran should be credited for this? As all credit goes to Aqama and black law dictionary.

      PTI has realized what is written for them on the wall…either these PCO judges will have the same criteria (in case RWP is not intervening, but they will ) and they go to ….

      • Dou din kahan gayab thay? Sadmay main? Hum samjhay thay k tum news sun’nay k baad tum coma main chalay gaye ho per tum tou theek thaak ho lagta hai tumhain bhi faisalay ki bohat khushi hoi hai andar se. Per tumhari bhi majboori hai after all job is job. Ganda hai per dhanda hai yeh.

  • This practice should continue for other parliament members especially غنڈہ type peoples

    • Don’t delete your comments after a few weeks I have to copy this line “A historic decision by honorable court. “

  • do the same with all the parliament members and bureaucrats, otherwise if it stops there it’ll just be an eyewash that corruption is eliminated, there are countless other corrupt people destroying the country. This cannot be the end, this must be the start.

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