Internet in Pakistan Fully Restored After Submarine Cable is Fixed in Record Time

Internet speeds in Pakistan are fully restored now as the damaged submarine cable (IMEWE) is now fully functional after the fault was fixed in record time, we have confirmed with sources.

According to details shared with ProPakistani, IMEWE is now operational at full capacity and hence the internet access and speeds in the country are now fully restored.

It must be mentioned that IMEWE was cut yesterday morning and Pakistan was literally disconnected with the rest of the world.

However, due to quick resolution in record time, the IMEWE is now back in service after a fault was detected and repaired moments ago.

PTCL, that maintains and operates IMEWE in Pakistan, has confirmed ProPakistani that service to all its users are restored back to normal with-in less than 36 hours.

PTCL said that any customers not getting the expected service should restart their routers for a quick fix.

It must also be mentioned that SEAMEWE4 and TW1 submarine cables — that connect Pakistan with rest of the world — are still down as a repair work is in progress on both the cables.

You can share in below comments if your internet speed is back to normal or not.

  • DJ

    well this is really quick !! good

    • QUCIK ???? PTCL Customer Se Phocho Unho Ne Apni Zindagi Ka END OF ERA Samajh Liya tha

      • Kashif Surhio

        yaar tumhay paros k cabel net wali ki cable theek nahi karni thi, submarine cable theek karni thi….

  • Hassan Nasir

    Good work and timely restoration.

  • Anas Tayyeb

    yah this is really true news

  • Owaiis

    Allah ka Shukar hai. Internet nai tha to Zindgi hi udaas lagne lagi thi.

  • Pakistani Main Khushi Ki Lahar Door Gayi
    Pakistanio Mubarak Ho

    • Owaiis

      Khair Mubarak Abdul Bhaiye.

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      Wahab, tumhara interview kab araha hai?

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        Itna bechane se intazar GOT ki new episode ka nahe hota jitna Wahab interview ka hai, PP jald karo

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          Mujhhey dar hai k kahien woh interview bhi waqt se pehley kahien leak na ho jaye. Propak nay abhi sirf teaser dia hai market main aur logon ka jam ghatha lag gaya hai.

      • @disqus_f4tuCi5q2E:disqus Bohat Jald Stay tune to ProPk :

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          Dhakkan blog pe Dhakan ka interview :p
          Dill pe mat lena bhai :p

  • Bilal Iqbal

    Zong py ziada fraq nhi PRA tha

    • Saqi

      Para tha meray bhai

      • Bilal Iqbal

        Baz jaghon py hoskta hy but I was feeling OK

  • MAK

    I am impressed

  • Shukar :P

  • Haider Shah

    not fully restored, issue still persists

  • Ali

    Thanks Internet working now

  • not yet, the avg ping to EU is 400ms + some packet loss

    • FuriousNinja

      Must be routing. I’m using Connect and getting 130ms to EU West. Restart your router several times, maybe you ll get some good IP from pool.

  • Hostage Held by PTCL

    The bottom line is we are hostages held by PTCL. Bottom Line is PTCL does not have a back up plan nor back haul. Mobile data was must more reliable and fast then Pakistan’s largest Telecom Operator.

    • Haroon

      PTCL maintains the cable in Pakistan, not Jeddah.

      There are several cables, not just one being maintained by both PTCL & Transworld. the TW-1 cable under maintenance was transworld cable too. They happened to be under maintenance at the time too, so it was a matter of timing.

      mobile data also receives its internet via backhaul, not by magic as you would have believe. Transworld apparently prioritised traffic for certain operators.

  • SHAH

    YouTube pe pehle se bhi achi streaming horahi hai 1080p pe no buffring

  • Zelda

    hmmm i wonder if all communication is done through sub marine cable then for what purpose we have satellite links , looks like all communication is ground ,

    • Animelover

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      • Zelda

        full metal alchemist brotherhood
        death note
        code geas r1 r2
        akame ga kill
        Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic
        Magi: The Kingdom of Magic

  • Ali

    Exaggeration. Pakistan was not “literally” cut off. There are two other cables that were working perfectly fine. My Internet (including mobile Internet) worked fine all day. This was absolutely a massive outage but to say that Pakistan was “literally” cut off is a bit much.

    • Owaiis


    • I was thinking the same. Glad that you mentioned, Pakistan have overall 7 cables right now. So few of them going down must mean slow internet not the internet blackout. Now breaking news culture is picking pace on these blogs. :-p

  • Faizan Ali

    Internet in Pakistan cannot fully restored !! Preiod.

    • Owaiis

      cannot be* Period*

      • Liberal

        is ke girlfriend ka preiod chal raha hoga yar samjha karo haha

  • Master

    oo saalio….. baa kamal log lajawab service…. …. PTCL said that any customers not getting the expected service should restart their routers for a quick fix……… looool

  • Ali Faisal

    Sirf browsing ho rhi he……Torrents pe to downloading e nhi ho rhi…..!

  • hami khan

    Mobilink nay jab say warid ko purchase kiya hay Warid kay net key tow mat he mar dey hay

  • Rex0

    Reddit very slow for anyone?

    • FuriousNinja


  • Salman Haider

    Well I was not expecting it this much sooner. It is really laudable on the part of all the technical team involved.

  • hami khan

    Mobilink company nay jub say warid ko khareeda hay tub say warid kay net ko barbad ker diya hay

  • Ali

    Btw, who is normally responsible for fixing issues with these underwater cables?