Social Media Tells Us Which Network Worked The Best This Weekend

This past weekend was tough for Pakistani internet users due to a fault in the IMEWE submarine cable. Whether anyone was using broadband connections, wireless dongles or mobile data, websites and other online content simply refused to load.

Most of Pakistan’s internet active users thought they had gone back to the pre-internet days with no knowledge what was happening in the virtual world around them.

Regardless of dialup-like slow browsing speeds, some people still managed to connect to social media while several claimed they did not face much issues when browsing the internet.

Telenor claimed that its users faced no such problems and were able to connect at normal speeds using its 3G/4G data connections.

Here are some of the reactions by Telenor users who managed to use the internet as usual:

Just in case if you are wondering, Telenor has invested in high quality network components which are coupled with state of the art network planning and proactive technical response teams to achieve redundancy in the systems.

Such highly sophisticated backup plans allow Telenor users to have a seamless experience no matter the state of undersea cables.

The network provider remained active on social media during the outage, providing assistance to its customers and responding to user queries as well as fending off its competitors via Twitter battles.

This weekend proved to be very beneficial for the company as flocks of people joined or switched to the network after witnessing good performance when almost every other Pakistani internet user was literally disconnected from the rest of the world.

At the end of it all, hundreds of people thanked Telenor. Millions of Telenor’s customers remained connected during a time when the whole country was witnessing snail-slow data speeds.