Social Media Reacts to Nawaz Sharif’s Rally

The disqualified ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan is leading a sizeable political rally that is journeying across Punjab to shore up public support.

The rally began from Punjab House and will travel to Lahore, passing through different towns and cities along the GT Road.

PML-N supporters are accompanying ex-PM Nawaz through this journey whereas other party supporters (and casual users alike) are storming social media and making mockery of the rally.

This is how the social media has reacted to Nawaz Sharif and his attempts to amend his image by leading a rally.

Zarar is the Editor of Sports and Auto section and heads the Branded Content as well.

    • ZAB

      Yeh bar bar keh rahay hain “woh” sazish kar rahy hain “unhon nay” sazish ki “unki” sazish hai. Is jaib katray pocket maar se koi yeh pochay k woh, un, unho koun hain? Naam letey huwey itna sharma kyun raha hai? John Alia ka aik shair yaad agaya is pe
      “Aap,Woh,Ji,Magar…yeh sab kya hai. Tum Mera Naam Kyon Nahin Letien”.

  • malik

    please change website from propakistani to propti

    • malik

      website name*

      • Uzair Ali Shahid

        Then change Facebook and in fact all of social media’s website name as well

      • Rao Rizwan

        Patwari tera kuch nahi hona

    • Articles Means : :
      “A piece of writing included with others in a newspaper, magazine, or other publication “

      • Rao Rizwan

        Bhai ji patwari ko ye bate samaj nahi ani

    • ZAB

      Rok sako tou rok lou.
      Nawaz ko chori dakaiti nausarbazi jaalsaazi dou numberi se.

    • Fahad J

      you change your last name to Nawaz bcaz i am sure you are his BAST**** son

  • SANA


  • imran

    Why you are showing only twitters against PMLN only?Better change title to Social Media Reacts by PTI fans.

    • Rao Rizwan

      Sach hazam nahi ho raha

    • Kashif Surhio

      B C ek hi banda kabhi larka ban kar comment kar raha hy to kabhi larki ban kar ja kar confirm karwa lena k teri asal jins kia hy

  • TwaddaAbba

    Rally is of PML N, why people are demanding PTI PTI? What is wrong with you people, rise above this bullshit and accept that NS is a thief

    • Rao Rizwan

      Patwari ke liye NS ko chor manne se ziada asan khud khushi karna hai

    • The irony is ke sab kuch apni ankhon ke saamne hote huay bhi, usay phir bhi chor maan’ne se inkaar kar rahe hain. Ajeeb qoum hain hum bhi. Hamara Allah hi Hafiz hy!


    You forgot to mention:
    The following article is sponsored by PTI.


      Now, even though I’m a hardcore PMLN supporter. I’ve no problem with articles criticizing PMLN in general, or Sharif Family in particular. Politics is a dirty game, and I’ve a first hand experience of it. There are no saints in politics, I can assure you!

      My problem with this article is that it shows just one side of the picture and shows the perspective & agenda of just one political party. There’s no mention of opinions from PMLN. And I find it rather undemocratic.

      I can’t say I support your sheer political bias, ProPakistani Team.

      This website has gone way down in my estimation. I thought it was a credible & well reputed source of information.

      My friends, this isn’t journalism, this is TROLLING, plain and simple.

      The way I see it, you’re no different than 10 year old kids with a keyboard. Kids tend to take political sides, without even knowing the meanings of politics let alone understanding their agendas and their perspectives.


  • Abu Zaid

    Whoever we support (PTI, PML or PPP), we as a nation should reach out to our leaders and request them to stop using Muree road for any Political activity. It makes life miserable for thousands of residents of Rawalpindi.

    • baat tho sach hy, magar baat hy “datthaai” ki. If you know, what I mean!

  • Zaheer Abbasi

    Imran kutey ki piley her jagha paye jatey hai. Propakistani u have proved it.

    • Muhammed Ovais Alam

      Burn patwari burn.

  • usama

    Kuch logon ko sach hazam nhi hota ! :D