HEC Officially Bans Four Universities

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan has stopped four universities from admitting students in any degree programme, owing to academic irregularities and mismanagement and after non-compliance despite constant reminders from HEC to fulfill the deficiencies.

These institutions include Preston Institute of Management Sciences and Technology (PIMSAT) Karachi, Imperial College of Business Studies Lahore, Global Institute Lahore, and Al-Khair University AJK.

In addition to main campuses, their sub-campuses, branches or affiliated colleges are also not allowed to admit students at any level in any programme.

Complying with directive of the Prime Minister, HEC Review Panels visited universities in 2016 across the country for review of quality assurance and governance practices. Universities whose report was not satisfactory were asked to fulfill the deficiencies, however these institutions have still not complied despite reminders and, therefore, have been asked to stop admitting students in all of their academic programmes.

It is worth-mentioning that HEC regularly issues parent and student alerts in national and regional newspapers as well as through social media, warning the public to check from HEC website the list of recognized institutions as well as accredited programmes. The students are continuously warned that HEC will not attest degrees or certificates obtained from such universities or institutes claiming their affiliation.

HEC has posted lists of recognised as well as non-recognised higher education institutions on its websites wherefrom parents and students can check the status of an institution they consider for admission. The list may be accessed through hec.gov.pk/site/HEIs.

Besides, HEC website also has a list of Accreditation Councils which are responsible for accreditation of respective degree programmes. These include Pakistan Bar Council (PBC), Pakistan Council for Architects and Town Planners (PCATP), Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC), Pakistan Medical & Dental Council (PMDC), Pakistan Nursing Council (PNC), Pakistan Pharmacy Council (PCP), Pakistan Veterinary Medical Council (PVMC), National Council for Homoeopathy (NCH), National Council for Tibb (NCT), National Accreditation Council for Teachers Education (NACTE), National Agricultural Education Accreditation Council (NAEAC), National Computing Education Accreditation Council (NCEAC), and National Business Education Accreditation Council (NBEAC).

Parents and students can check accreditation status of various academic programmes of different institutions to ensure that the specific programme they are interested in is an approved progamme.

HEC is also developing the Pakistan Qualification Register (PQR), which is an online database containing list of approved degree programmes of HEC recognized public and private sector universities including their sub campuses and affiliated as well as constituent colleges.

PQR is aimed to provide clearly defined levels of knowledge, skills and competencies to be acquired by every graduate. The Register is being linked to various HEC programmes and initiatives including attestation of degrees, local and overseas scholarships, appointment of HEC approved supervisors, award of national research grants, thematic research grants for social sciences, etc.

Though majority of universities have provided the information, however some universities whose response is slow are being advised to enter their degree programmes in PQR at the earliest so as to streamline above-mentioned processes.

    • So what? Who gives a dammn about a bachelor’s degrees any ways. A bachelor’s degree is worth the piece of cardboard it is print on.

      • Yes its a piece of card board when its from preston , dadabhoy , al khair and other 250 yards bunglow opened universities . Not when you study day and night in FSC and get an A-1 then qualify entry test on merit and get admitted in NED or UET.

        Would you mind telling what was your percentage in Intermediate ?

        • Hassn Jamal Saab please do not open this chapter because what happens in NED and UET i know 50 Question you were thought in the whole year and out of these 50 Q’s final examination is prepared. you can get the answers of these 50 Q’s from the photo copy shop which is located inside the uni. please please and if you talk about intermediate then sorry to say that Maryam Nawaz also got admission in the King Edwards medical college. with 500 mark hahaha intermediate is not comparable with A Level (GEC;s) and nor Pakistani universities are at the level of International Universities. Please if you talk about Private Vs Public then sorry to say that public is always defended by the Govt. because its their insult if they do with Public Sector. and one more information for you that your Intermediate syllabus is prepared by Pearson Edexcel International UK examining Body. hahaha

          • tell me one Govt. School where I admit my son or daughter and you would like you child to study in Govt. Schools hahaha

              • Govt. Schools & colleges cheating is common and one can pay and get 900 marks in FSc and pay and pass entry test very easy but it is not happening in International qualifications Like O’s and A’s Level. Question cam come from anywhere in the syllabus or out of syllabus as general. not like getting guess papers and paper out taking bribe. Attempt an A Level Exam and then you will know your reality.

        • Why you say your qualification FSc. you know what it means this third class qualification is no more affiliated with Punjab University. its HSSC for your kind information please.

    • Do you think these enrolled students were so dumb to realize quality of these institutions in first quarter of their enrollment ?
      In any institution you can asses quality in couple of months (if you regularly attend classes).

  • Waisa Abdul Wahab ghaas charna gay hein isi lya mein na socha kah mein hi kuch roshni daloo. :)

    Bacharay Student ……

  • So what? Who gives a damn about a bachelor’s degrees any ways. A bachelor’s degree is worth the piece of cardboard it is print on.

  • This was already published in news papers at least 2 weeks ago. Propakistani you are as usual late.

  • What about those who graduated from these institutes, either working some where or looking for job ?

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