Policy Directive for Auction of 3G / 4G Spectrum in AJK and GB Issued

Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJ&K) and Gilgit-Baltistan Council on Wednesday approved policy directives for next generation Mobile services (NGMS) 3G/4G in AJ&K and G.B, we have confirmed officially.

After the approval of AJ&K/G.B council, the policy directive was issued to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) for the NGMS spectrum auction.

Transparent, competitive auction will be conducted for spectrum allocation for deployment of next generation mobile networks.

The allocation will be technology neutral and usable for technologies standardized for 3G and advanced generation(s) of mobile services.

As finalized by the PTA & Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication in collaboration with the Frequency Allocation Board, the following frequency blocks for provision of 3G/4G spectrum auction in AJ&KlGB are suggested:-

For Auction:

  • 3G: Three blocks of 10 MHz each in 2100 MHz (Block A).
    • 1920-1930/2110-2120 MHz (Block A)
    • 1930-1940/2120-2130 MHz (Block B)
    • 1940- 1950/2130-2140 MHz (Block C)
  •  4G: One block of 10MHz in 1800 MHz band
    • 1775-1785/1870-1880 MHZ

Earmarked for SCO:

  • 3G: One block of 10MHz in 2100 MHz band: 1950-1960/2140-2150 MHz
  • 4G: One block of 10MHz in 1800 MHz band: 1759.1-1769.1/1854.1-1864.1 MHz

Salient Features of Policy Directive:

  • Only those operators who participate in the auction of 2100 MHz band can bid for 10MHz in 1800 MHz band
  • PTA to hire consultant for determination of base price of above bands
  • PTA to conduct auction in minimum possible time
  • Exact timeline and base price of spectrum to be shared in information memorandum that will be prepared after consultation with consultant and approvals from AJK and GB council on recommendation of Auction Supervisory Committee.
  • All existing Telecom operators in Pakistan , AJ&K and GB will be eligible to participate in this auction.
  • A new license for the provision of next generation mobile services will be issued to the successful bidders/auction winners.
  • The tenure of license will be 15 years.
  • Auction winners will be allowed to pay minimum 50% upfront fee in USD or equivalent PKR while remaining amount can be submitted in any form with-in five years.
  • Supervisory committee with the following composition is formed to oversee the auction process:
    • Minister for KA&GB/Minster In-charge AJK Council Secretariat, Islamabad;
    • Secretary KA&GB/AJ&K Council Secretariat;
    • Additional Secretary, MolT and Telecom, GoP Islamabad;
    • Additional Secretary/Joint Secretary, AJ&K Council/GB Council Secretariats;
    • Chairman PTA;
    • Executive Director FAB;
    • Joint Secretary, Law & Justice Division, GoP, Islamabad;
    • and any other member co-opted by the committee.

Download Policy Directive

You can download policy directive by clicking this link.


  • Wise decision of auctioning 10 MHz of 3G & 4G..
    No congestion problems but coverage problems will be their..
    As AJ&K is a hilly area..
    900 MHz would have been much better..

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