PIA’s CEO Wants Your Help to Improve the Airline

While we hear a story about the poor performance of our national airline every now and then. PIA has taken an initiative aiming to improve their service by conducting a nationwide survey.

CEO of Pakistan international Airlines, Dr. Musharaf Rasool Cyan, in a video message appealed to PIA’s customers to fill out a survey form and give their recommendations about the services of PIA.

PIA’s official page shared this tweet:

The Survey Form

Everyone who has been on a PIA flight can fill out the form. Here is the link to the survey form.

The survey form will take your basic information like name, location, the flight number and contact details etc. After that, it will ask you to rate different services on a scale from poor to very good.

PIA’s Downfall

In recent years, PIA has been under a lot of criticism. From the decision of its privatization to its poor quality and careless management. Just recently, PIA broke regulations by flying an aircraft without an audio system.

PIA once used to be one of the leading airlines in the world. Unfortunately, it is considered among the worst airlines now. Airhelp released a ranking report of 2017 which included 87 airlines with PIA at 80th.

Poor management and wrong policies have resulted in the airline’s demise.

The approach from PIA to reach its customers is very positive if they take the suggestions seriously. Even though this would do very less for the betterment but it can be the first step in the right direction.

Besides, it is our duty to look out for the national asset. All the PIA customers should share their experiences and help in rebuilding the airline.

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  • PIA needs to be privatized, re organized, processes automated, redundant resources lay’ed off and management layer kept thin.

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