Outrage as Doctors in Bahawalpur Share a C-Section Video on Facebook

A few days ago, a doctor was suspended for taking selfies during a delivery operation in a hospital in Mandi Bahauddin.

A two-member committee was formed by the Punjab Health department on the matter and the doctor involved was suspended but the committee failed to submit a complete report.

Another Incident

A similar incident has again taken place in Bahawalpur. The media was all over the case and uncovered that the doctors and other staff members filmed the video of the cesarean section operation during delivery.

The video was later on posted on a Facebook page. The incident took place in the Tehsil Headquarter hospital of Ahmed Pur Sharqia of Bahawalpur.

The woman’s family is angry at the doctors and want the authorities to take stern action against them for sharing such a video without their permission.

During the video, another woman can also been seen waiting in the room for her delivery without any veil.

People are enraged about the video and showed their anger on social media sites. They believe that it was a complete violation of the patient’s privacy. Many religious scholars also condemned this act and called it unethical.

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    • Saqib

      Dur fittay munh!!!!

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    • Syed Zarar

      We are not going to promote the video by linking it here.

      • Ali

        you can pm me
        How about that?

      • Hassan Nasir

        That is the right approach…In spite of that if any one is interested, one could find many such videos on internet, i guess.

  • foziaa

    The one capturing video should also be also taken into action.

  • Why Mobile & Camera are Allowed In Operation Theater, ICU, CCU Unit Etc :
    Government Ko Chayeh Rules Banayeh K Kisi Ko Bhi In Department Main Mobile Phone & Camera Allow Nahi Hoga : Otherwise Legall Action & Penalty :

    • Alpha Bravo

      Bhai agar aap khuda na khasta Doctor hon aur aapki duty daily OT ya ICU me hoti ho 8am-8pm to kia aap mobile phone k baghair reh saktay hain? Nahi. It’s not possible to take this basic thing away. Yes you should improve your mentality and don’t do things like this.

      • Meri Company Main Mobile Allowed nahi Kisi Bhi Labour Ko In Any CASE :
        Agar Faimly Ko Phone Karna Hoga to PTCL Number Pe Kare :
        12 Ghante Labour Duty hai 2000 Labour hai Sub Kar Sakte hai : It’s Possible : Sub Mumkin hai

        • Haseeb ur Rehman

          Bhai aap ko phr company abi chor deni chahiye. 12 ghante duty? this is against human rights.

          • Yeah Her Koi Janta hai SITE Walo Ko Bhi Pata Hai Chai Pani Lete hai :
            No Human Rights Will be Entertain in Sindh :
            & By the Way I am USING Compute for Comments : Ap Logo Ki Tarha Mobile Se Comments Nahi Karta

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              Aisi kon si company jahan mobile allow nai aur sara din computer pe Internet surfing allowed hai? Moron.

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          Kya bnda he yr tu. Tje kese pata main mob se comment kr rha hn? Itna siana na bna kr. Abi b comp se comment kiya he.

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          To aap sara sara din raat yahan baith k comment kesay kartay ho bhai?

  • Alpha Bravo

    Correct your headline please.. It happened in Ahmed Pur East, not in Bahawalpur. Ahmed Pur East is 56km away from Bahawalpur. Don’t create embarrassment for doctors in Bahawalpur with your misleading headline. Thanks

    • Haamiz Ahmed

      Tehsil Ahmadpur East or Ahmadpur Sharqia is one of the five tehsils, or administrative subdivisions, of Bahawalpur District (Wikipedia)

      • Alpha Bravo

        I know bhai jaan. But when u say Bahawalpur, it means Bahawalpur city. Headline doesn’t mention “Bahawalpur Division”

  • ali mustafa

    Permission should be asked before filming any procedure, as its common in developed countries for educational purposes .

  • Mirza Aasauf Baig

    Dont post such video… becaause that may lead to sucide of those 2 womens. :(

  • Abu Ali Muhammad Sharjeel

    It was nothing for the people who grown up with non-Muslim culture on TV shows and films… so what’s wrong in that, you people allowed that.