Faysal Bank Becomes Pakistan’s First Commercial Bank To Launch A Virtual Card

Faysal Bank Limited (FBL), one of the leading banks in Pakistan, has become the first commercial bank to launch a virtual card in the country. Faysal Bank’s “Mobit Virtual Card” is a digital card that will allow secure e-commerce purchases to meet the upcoming online payment needs even if you do not have any credit or debit card.

Mobit Virtual Card is powered by MasterCard and works as a reloadable and/or a one-time usage stored-value card which can be instantly generated by Faysal Bank customers through Mobit’s Internet Banking and can be used at all local and international online merchants/websites.

While expressing his delight at this launch, Mr. Fouad Farrukh, Head of Retail Banking, Faysal Bank stated:

In line with our continued commitment to offer our customers with fast, convenient and state of the art payment solutions, we are pleased to be the first commercial bank in Pakistan to launch a Virtual Card to facilitate online transactions for our customers. Digital payments in Pakistan are consistently showing an upward trend and with the recent rapid growth in eCommerce transactions, increasing number of our consumers are demanding more secure and convenient payment solutions. Innovative digital payment services like Mobit Virtual Card will play an important role in driving the country’s digital payments & will help foster the development of our financial market.

He further added, “Mobit Virtual Card is also an excellent alternative for those customers who do not have a credit or debit card, or who are reluctant to use their credit or debit cards for online shopping”.

  • Its not first, Easy paisa already have this product. How this is different then Easy paisa virtual card?

  • easy paisa is far better in many ways for instance with easy paisa you can keep upto two cards simultaneous free of costs, you can generate, delete your card many times free of costs, card have a validity of three years, whereas faysal bank as maximum validity is six months and have charges for different limits

  • We don’t need that Virtual cards by any Bank, we Only welcome if any party or any bank provide us the facility of Paypal by any means in Pakistan which is only worthy for us.

  • Is anyone try easypaisa virtual card on playstore? I am using another virtual card “entropay” which works perfectly for Xbox but not work on playstore error with “Google payment doesn’t support virtual cards”

  • Faysal bank should be ashamed of their online banking and their so called ‘mobile app’. It is the most pathetic experience and interface. Some kindergarten kid could design a better mobile app and online banking than this peice of crap. Who would actually manage to get a virtual card on such a pathetic interface. Faysal bank should rename their online banking from MOBIT to MOSHIT.

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    No need for a bank account Headache.
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