Najam Sethi in Trouble with FBR Over Rs. 16 Million Worth of “Gifts”

Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has taken action against Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman, Najam Sethi, over receiving gifts worth Rs. 16 million, reports a local news channel.

According to the reports, over 200 names have been mentioned in the list compiled by the FBR. Sethi has declared gifts were indeed worth Rs. 16 Million.

In the past, this technique has been used by the Ministers, Government officials and other elite groups of the country to launder black money.

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FBR has also taken notice of this act of converting black money into white and has asked a breakdown of these received gifts.

In cases where it is found that gifts were used for tax evasion, the assets of the individuals are confiscated by the FBR under Anti-Money Laundering Act 2010 and criminal cases are filed in the Special Court of Customs and Taxation.

Such individuals are also liable to punishments of up to 10 years in prison, heavy fines and forfeiture of all of their properties.

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Najam Sethi, along with 20 others, are feared to face the same consequences if FBR gets a firm evidence any money laundering under the ‘gifts’ scheme.

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  • He is a great man and gave us a beautiful gift in transforming Pakistan Cricket and, PCB. I would have all the sympathies with him.

    • No, everyone should be held accountable for anything illegal, even if he had made PCB 3x more stronger financially.

    • Law is applicable to all citizen. Money laundering is a crime so he is liable to be punished whether he is the prime minister of the country or a common man. Grow up beta!

  • The joker FBR is chasing mermaids in a pot of water – if at all. However, I tend to believe that they are only playing to the gallery. After investigation, they will declare Sethi clean which means the department can never reinvestigate him for those gifts.

    Declared gifts are nearly impossible to be confiscated by courts let alone FBR. Value does not mean a thing. A certain politician’s family received nearly 750 million dollars and all of that were gifts exchanged between family members. lol @ crippled FBR.

  • Now ‘noonies’ will reply that he has done ‘Falan and falan’ for PCB so issay kuch nahi kehna chahiay.
    He SHOULD be tried as criminal if he can’t prove the ‘gifts’ (waise sab ko pata hai ye gift hotay kia hain).

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