Sharmeen Obaid Got a Doctor Fired and Social Media is Bashing Her for It

The physician who attended to the sister of Oscar and Emmy award-winning Sharmeen Obaid has been fired from his job for “disregarding his ethical values and showing unprofessional behavior.”

Mahjabeen Obaid, the sister of Sharmeen Obaid, visited the Agha Khan University Hospital (AKUH) for treatment. The doctor who attended to her later used her personal information to send a friend request on Facebook.

Sharmeen took the issue to social media and labeled the incident as “harassment.”

Harassment, Really?

Days after Sharmeen raised her voice against the medical practitioner and the breach of ethical values, he was kicked out of the hospital. However, what Sharmeen did not anticipate was the backlash she would face.

Although people initially backed her for raising the voice regarding the matter but thought that getting someone fired over a “mere friend request” was absurd.

Some people claimed that Sharmeen used the word harassment without actually “educating herself” as to what the word truly meant.

In essence, everyone agreed that the actions of the physician showed extreme lack of professionalism but also called Sharmeen out for “blowing things out of proportion.”

Here’s the response from a coworker of the doctor.

The situation escalated quickly and some prominent names of the industry also questioned Sharmeen and her tactics:

Sharmeen is a renowned documentary-maker. One of her documentaries was about how the powerful got away with throwing acid on women in Pakistan.

So it’s ironic now. One of her documentaries were based on how the influential got away with abuse of power. Many people are drawing parallels based on this observation as well.

Sharmeen’s actions also ignited some intense debates:

Here are some responses Sharmeen’s twitter rant got:

Whereas some were angry, some reverted to humor:

No doubt that harassment is a serious issue and that it indeed exists in our society. But the fact of the matter is that every time someone cries harassment without pausing to think of the severity of the allegation and the effect it has on people, the conversation shifts from the act itself to less fruitful waters and that is not good for anyone.

What do you think of this episode? Is Sharmeen correct in labeling her sister’s case as harassment? Or did she overreact? Do let us know in the comments below.

  • According to Sharmeen Obaid Chinoie ‘ Sending Friend request on Facebook is haarassment ” To Bechara Jo Shaadi Ka Proposal Dega Kisi Larki Ko Usey to Rapistt Bana Degi Yeh !!

  • why haven’t you included agha khan hosp in the article as the culprit too? they took an unprofessional decision just to make some mentally sick family happy

  • I respected that lady for her documentaries for Pakistan social issues, but it seems i was wrong as after her irrational act of blaming doctor for harassment, though non professional act by doctor, but yet it is a mere friend request, not harassment at all.
    A sane can see that her act is publicity stunt. One can also conclude that her documentaries work was to earn fame at the expense of defaming Pakistan.

    • Publicity Stunt —> 100% right

      One can also conclude that her documentaries work was to earn fame at the expense of defaming Pakistan —> Absolutely True

      Every society has three sides: the good side, the bad side, and the ugly side. While the rest of world hide the ugly side of their society and promote the good side, Pakistani people like Sharmeen never shows the good side of Pakistani society they always show the ugly side.

      • > While the rest of world hide the ugly side of their society

        That is not true at all. Google around and you will find investigative news reports, in-depth articles, news shows, documentaries, and petitions in many countries around the world where people expose and condemn things in their societies that they dislike.

        For an example local to us, whenever you see an article in the media about the land mafia in Pakistan, do you honestly believe it should not have been written? That we should “hide” such things?

    • She didn’t created those documentaries on social issues with genuine intention, she wanted fame and money so just played her cards right, if her intention were genuine she would have never win an oscar bcoz oscar doesn’t have any worth in reality, there is no merit, its only given to people who have “jaan pechaan” and bash PAK and ISLAM intentionally on purpose with an ill intent. Iqrar Hussein (Sare-aam) makes genuine stuff, will Iqrar ever gets the oscar? I don’t think so!

      • I notice a lack of comments by our female counterpart in every article. Why is that? Care to tell? Because I think the viewership is mainly comprised of male readers.

        You sir, are trying very hard.

  • We are used to of facing such ppl..they are victum of complex and always try to show that they are overbleased and belong to low level mind set.. and can’t handle powers…shame on her

  • hahaha!
    I told on pro pakistani before, Women is biggest fitnah after dajjal, and i dunno why people are too dumb these days to let women have same power as men.
    Men need to wake up

    • Sane people still exist WOW. Please brother more sane people like u are needed in the comments section. Try to be more active and show this dajjali supported woman’s real face. You are right abt that, Women is the biggest fitnah after snake dajjal. Don’t worry only na mard supports women like Sharmeen. A true macho mard-e-momin will only supports pious righteous ladies.

    • Is it harassment for a doctor to send SMS to female relatives of yours, Danish? Or to call them up for non-medical reasons?

      Regardless, whether it fits the definition of harassment or not, it’s certainly not professional behavior. I think you can at least accept that.

      • Start putting it out of context and you might be right one day.

        Keyword here is a ‘friend request’ on Facebook which you can easily reject and block.

        Don’t get carried away in your own melodrama please.

        • I think comparing the complaint to “rape”, “sexual harassment”, “abuse” — all of which you can see on this page — are also out of context and inaccurate. And yet, that’s what people are saying.

            • By the way, I just read that a doctor trying to continue a non-professional but personal relationship with a patient might be against PMDC’s guidelines. A single act of trying to pursue an emotional relationship is specifically listed in their ethical standards (section 11).

      • Don’t try to divert here. Sms is different than FB Friend request. If her sister is so much sensitive to FB request Harassment, she can disable the Friend request option.
        And she can reject it.

        • Okay, I’ll stick with “facebook request”, not that I think it makes much of a difference. Do you think facebook requests are appropriate for a doctor to make? A doctor who knows a patient’s name and looks her up (note that there are many different people/profiles with her name, he has to locate the right one), and makes the request? Perfectly fine?

          What about the same kind of request in other situations? Is it okay for him to go through all patient records, find attractive women, and send them friend requests? Or, how about a woman goes to a bank to deposit a large amount of money, and a few hours later gets a friend request from the male bank teller. Also okay?

          It seems you’re more upset by the use of the word harassment than what the doctor actually did.

          • Are u supporting sharmeen with her permission? I am afraid she will blame you for Harassment.
            By the way stop harassing me (replying on my comment and FORCING me to agree with you opinion)

            • Where have I supported her? Where have I said her use of the label “harassment” was correct or valid? If you had asked me about the incident instead of accusing me, I would say that it looks like an overreaction. But, then, I don’t have all the facts. (Neither do you, by the way.)

              If you don’t want me to reply to you, you could always block me.

  • Sharmeen Is Nothing More Than Another Exploiter NGO Aunty Winning Racist Oscars Will Not Give Her Any Credibility

    • West will always praise and reward the person who blames “Islam” or “Pakistan” because they believe what Quaid-e-Azam said that Pakistan is the “Fort of Islam”

  • It can be labelled unprofessional and he shud have apologized for it. But over reacting and calling it the same as rape is quite a stretch. Just coz bashing your own country got you fame.. doesn’t mean you keep doing it.. getting unwanted friend requests is not a pakistani problem.. its a global problem.. so suck it up and stop shaming pakistan.

    • > But over reacting and calling it the same as rape is quite a stretch.

      She didn’t say it was rape or use the phrase “sexual harassment”. She just said it was harassment. Right or wrong, that doesn’t mean you can make stuff up about her.

      • Don’t go all that legalese. You know very well what the implication was. Getting a doctor fired and ruining his life was the objective.

        • Functional English? Is that where I confuse “harassment” with “rape?” Oh wait, I didn’t do that — the people whose viewpoint you support did that. Maybe you should teach them English?

          > You are coming through as some obsessive compulsive with your unbalanced overreaction.

          Is that my wholly unbalanced overreaction where I neither defend Sharmeen’s action nor defend the doctor’s? Maybe you should learn English yourself?

          • Not only that you lack general knowledge and have a problem with gleaning meaning from between the lines but you have personal and mental issues too. Simmer down on your hostility, try common good sense. Education may come in handy too.
            Have a nice day.

            • I don’t need to read between the lines to see the open hostility directed towards people who expose problems in Pakistani society. People just sit around simmering, waiting for a chance like this to come along.

              I am educated, that’s how I know you for what you are.

  • Mahjabeen Obaid Ki Facebook ID Pe BlueSing Nahi Hoga : FACEBOOK Walo Ne Kaha Hoga MEDIA Proof Le K Laye k U R Celebrity Than Ab Facebook Wale Blue Sing Laga DEnge :D

  • She just showed the real face of feminism, that what these feminist women will do to men when they get in power.
    Ye wahi aurtain hain jo mardo khas tor par apne shoharo ko apna ghulam banana chahti hain.
    Ab bhi jo mard aurto ki aazadi ki baat kartay hain ye un k liye ek bara sabaq hay.

      • @Faried Nawaz your comments are required on above posted picture “#SharmeenObaid feels safe in the STRONG Arms of Western Male Daniel Lunge”

          • I’m pretty sure he sent the request to that girl just because she was the sister of this Sharmeen xyz. If it was any other female, he wouldn’t even had remembered her name.

            Yes it was wrong but not THAT wrong and this whole fiasco is because of her celebrity status. There is no way that Sharmeen’s sister hadn’t bragged something about her elder sister being Sharmeen etc. We don’t know the whole story.

            • It’s interesting that you think he sent a request to her because she’s the sister of someone famous. We actually don’t know if that’s the case, and we don’t know if he’s tried to friend other patients as well. (Wouldn’t it change things if we knew he friends both male and female patients?)

              > There is no way that Sharmeen’s sister hadn’t bragged something about her elder sister being Sharmeen etc

              There is no evidence of this.

              • There’s no evidence of either scenario. But you defending her like this makes it looks like that you know all the facts. Benefit of doubt mate, benefit of doubt.

                • > There’s no evidence of either scenario.

                  And yet, you did write “there’s no way she didn’t brag about it” — as if you were certain. You often say such things without evidence, I take it?

                  > But you defending her like this makes it looks like that you know all the facts.

                  Not at all. I haven’t defended her, or anyone in the incident.

      • FYI it has been happening before even I was born.
        I am a secular and rational person, don’t mistake my comment for an abnormal religious person.

  • Neither doctor nor Sharmeen family is exempt of misbehavior; one violated professional ethics while other over reacted with no apprehension of word ”harassment”. The problem of our nation is of ethics and moral.

  • She is overconfident and feels that she is the only woman who will protect other women in Pakistan.

  • These hate filled frustrated feminists need a couple of hard rounds done well and deep and they will become normal women. Till their hissy fits will continue.

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