Google’s Upcoming App is a File Manager & an Apple AirDrop Competitor

Google and Apple are always head-to-head, trying to beat each other with latest and greatest in technological developments. This time, Google is working on an app that is a complete file manager and incorporates features similar to Apple’s AirDrop as well.

The search giant hasn’t officially launched the app worldwide, however, the app is expected to be launched soon. It was available at the Play Store for a few moments and that was enough for a geek to upload and share the app’s apk to the web.

The new app is called Files Go and it will let users clean up space, manage the storage and share the files with other devices without an internet connection.

What’s New?

It seems that Google has merged three different utilities into one. Files Go looks like an amalgam of File Manager, Bluetooth-like transfer and space clean-up tool.

On the main screen you can see the used and total space of your phone. You also have an option to clear cached data from apps.

Furthermore, you can view and delete media saved from chatting apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. You can also see the individual app data saved in the apps. The functionality won’t just be used to clean up media only, you can clear other data from the apps as well.

Basically every detail about how your storage is being used has been put in one place.



The app provides better sorting options, you can arrange and look at various apps’ data on your phone.


As you explore the app and go in deep, you find options to delete and move media files.

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Files Go vs AirDrop

The file transfer option is what makes Files Go a competitor of AirDrop. AirDrop has an edge over Google’s Files Go as with Files Go, transfers only happen when sender and recipient both have the app unlike AirDrop. Since its a Google app, chances are it will come bundled with its Google apps package.

You will be able to transfer files quickly and without an internet connection.

With the data transfer tool, you can search your nearby friends who have the app installed and you are good to go.



There are speculations that Google is bringing this app for rather less developed countries as it did with “search-lite” app for Indonesian users.

Google also released Android Go OS for cheaper phones. But then again these are just speculations based on merely a word “Go”.

The app is expected to be launched world-wide in December.

Via: 9to5google