Govt Absent as Protesters Destroy Daily Life for 10 Million in Islamabad

The Faizabad Intersection and many other main roads in Islamabad stayed closed for the routine traffic on Thursday – as a few hundred supporters of cleric Khadim Husain Rizvi staged a sit-in, campaigning on the issue of removal of Khatam-a-Nabuwat in the recent Election reform.

The Capital’s main roadways remained shut last night due to the rally of a religious group, and public transport remained missing throughout the day.


To ensure security, the major inter-city bus stations located at Faizabad were also shut along with the intra-city public transport system.

The main demand of the protesters is that the government should identify and punish those who tried to alter the Khatam-a-Nabuwat law.

The federal police have sealed all the routes linking to Red Zone and policemen have been deployed all over the place. Several other routes in Sector G-6 have been blocked too.

The measures were also taken considering the Chehlum processions on Thursday.

The unexpected closure led to huge traffic jams on Kashmir Highway, IJP Road, 9th Avenue, and Stadium Road in Rawalpindi. The Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) Administration said the protesters were not negotiating with them.

“We do not know what they want or where they want to go,” said an ICT officer. He revealed that the authorities did not stop the protesters at Faizabad. “In fact, it was their own decision to camp at the intersection.”

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Upon enquiring about the action against the protesters, the officer told the media that no final decision has been taken by the interior minister as yet.

Meanwhile, Yasir Shakeel, Interior Ministry’s spokesperson, did not respond to answers regarding government’s attempt to settle ongoing issue in the capital of country.

Preparations for Chehlum

Around 2,000 armed personnel have been deployed across the city to provide security during the Chehlum processions. These security personnel include 50 quick response force teams, rangers, police and other law enforcement agencies – who will be patrolling around the capital throughout the processions.

In the remembrance of Shahadat e Imam-e-Hussain (A.S.), the main juloos will commence at noon from Imambargah Asnae-Ashri in Sector G-6/2 and will conclude at the same place after passing through various routes.

Via Tribune

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      “NO ONE” should be allowed to disturb public life in the name of protest.

      One person’s freedom ends where another’s nose begins.

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