Fowl Play: Pakistani Spy Hawk Arrested in India

The recent news of a ‘hawk’ detained in India on doubt of being used as a ‘spy’ by Pakistan Army has been met with the amusement on this side of the border.

India is famous for frequently accusing Pakistan of spying on their border with stamping the ‘silly’ accusations on Pakistan.

Recently, an absurd report was published which claimed that a hawk was “spotted under mysterious circumstances” near Rajasthan’s Sri Ganganagar city (which is close to Pakistan border). It further added that the bird has been “detained” for further “investigations”.

The report accused Pakistan of “using birds for its evil actions” against India.

The Indian police have taken the spy hawk in “custody” — and stern measurements are to be taken following this “alarming incident,” says the report.

This is not the first ‘bird’ that has been accused of spying on India. In early 2017, a ‘Pakistani Spy Pigeon’ was arrested on suspicion of, ahem, criminal behavior. After that, a man was arrested for selling Pakistani balloons.

Pakistan social media is always quick in responding to such allegations with ‘amusing’ memes and by mocking Indian media agencies for publishing such ‘absurd’ reports.

A Twitter campaign was mounted after a similar incident took place in 2015, which featured some hilarious tweets. Here’s a few of the tweets:

Here’s another one…

    • Jo manual follow kartai hai wo India ko kya kya boldete hai.Didnt allah asked muslims to drink camel piss Hindus dont have to follow commands now go drink.

    • Jawad, We are not suppose to ridicule anyone’s religious affairs. There can be fundamental, ideological and religious differences but this is extremely unacceptable even being a muslim to make fun of anyone. I hope you will try to think about it. Fe Aman Allah

        • Being a Muslim, I was ashamed to read your comments. You are not representing Islam in the correct way. Even though they tempt us or make fun of us. We shouldn’t stoop to their level. I hope you understand.

        • Shame on you for bringing religion into this. Islam never thought this. To make fun of someone’s belief. I hope sense prevails.

        • Please stop this nuisance. Making fun of other’s belief is equivalent to ridiculing prophet’s (pbuh) teachings. We are peace loving people and our religion (Islam) also teaches the same. Don’t loose your cool. Respect.

          • Thanks for enlightening me. I will try to never argue on religious affairs as we all don’t know much about our religion either. I beg your pardon..

        • Please study our teachings and traditions first. Just that you know something about others belief and posting it to humiliate is disgusting. Please disassociate yourself with Islam. You are bringing a bad name to it.

          • As far I know, I never mocked any religion, I just stated the facts and their tradition. Well if that seems making fun of anything, I would like to apologize to all of you especially Mr. @aryan_chaurasia:disqus.

            P.S: So you provide the certificates of association to Islam? Please provide me one too.

            • For your information, Islam itself is a certification of humanity. It is obtained by one’s behaviour. Wait you don’t know this as you were too busy “stating facts about other’s traditions.”

              • But without knowing much about anyone, YOU can’t associate or disassociate anyone from religion because no one is the contractor of ISLAM, I already apologized for my nonsense. I must say again.

                • Exactly but you are behaving as a “contractor” of other’s. who gave you that right. Anyways no point in taking it further. Live a life that sounds good to you. Humble request, (if you care), please don’t spew venomous comments on public platform at least.

        • I really thought you were one of the sane person on propakistani comment section. But humiliating a person for his belief is utter nonsense. You lost my respect.

          • There’s been such a misunderstanding between me and the victim of my comment. He got offended by their norms which I described without making fun. Anyhow, I seek apology from him and all of you too.. I’m sorry,

        • Profile: Jawad Amin

          Knows nothing about tech. (Abdul WAHAB Is 1000 times better.)

          Knows nothing about Islam. (Abdul WAHAB is million times better.)

          Expert in stating facts about other’s traditions.

          Skills: ridiculing and humiliating other’s believes and traditions.

          ISIS Sympathiser.

          So, Mr. Jawad Amin when shall we kill all these non believers.

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  • These extremist hindu indians don’t leave a single opportunity to make fun of themselves in front of the whole world, caught with their pants down, wat a shame.

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